The game that started it all… Resident Evil (warning spoilers)

Resident Evil is a survival horror action game with the main protagonists being Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. In some of the games there are two scenarios which produce different storylines but ultimately finishing at the same point. Many people believe the Resident Evil series has changed its dynamic over the years to appeal to new players. The first three games although still in the genre of action are more about surviving and conserving ammo for later chapters and bosses whereas the latest games give out a lot of ammo and is mostly focused on the action of the game using more ‘set pieces’ to create drama and suspense.

The game that started the story for Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield as well as introducing us to certain other characters such as Albert Wesker, Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers and Brad Vickers who are all member of the group S.T.A.R.S. To begin the game the player has to decide who to be out of Jill and Chris, (for this review it is going to follow the story of Jill), if you choose Jill you are accompanied by Barry Burton who provides you with extra ammunition and is a story of betrayal and loyalty. If you choose Chris’s story then you are accompanied by Rebecca Chambers who provides you with extra health.

The amazing first cut scene shows members of the team being attacked by mutated dogs and the rest of the team escaping to a thought to be abandoned mansion. The cut scene finishes and we are left with Jill, Wesker and Barry in the front hall of the mansion (Jill’s story) and they decide to split up to find the remaining members of the team including Chris.

Jill investigates round the area and eventually ends up in the dining room with Barry who is looking at a dead body on the floor covered in blood and tells Jill to keep going where she runs into the first zombie of the game as it devours another human who happens to be a member of S.T.A.R.S. Jill runs from this zombie to Barry who shoots it. They question what is happening and return to the location of where Wesker is supposed to be but he is missing and once again split up to investigate, ending the first chapter. Although you have only seen one enemy at this point there is a fear and suspense already built up which is what made the game so famous.

The next few chapters of the game are solving various puzzles and finding other members of the S.T.A.R.S team. The next major point of the game is finding Richard Aiken who is dying of poison from a snake (the next part of the game varies whether controlling Jill or Chris), Jill has to search the mansion for a cure and eventually finds some and gives it to Richard however he tells her to leave him alone in case he turns into ‘one of them’ and gives Jill a radio to contact the helicopter to pick them up. The next scene shows an enlarged snake attacking Jill and after a gun fight the final cut scene of the battle shows Richard push Jill out of the way of the snake and get eaten himself.

There are few zombies around the mansion but jump out at unexpected times and cause the player to be wary at all times and provide moments of genuine fear. After doing a few more puzzles and heart racing moments caused by the attacks the player will find Enrico who tells Jill that there is a traitor in S.T.A.R.S shortly before being shot in the head, Jill turns round quickly but can only hear footsteps in the distance and cannot be sure who it is.

Throughout the game Jill finds many scattered documents which points the finger at Umbrella Corporation as the team who are conducting experiments. The creatures roaming the mansion and surrounding region are the results of these experiments, which have exposed the mansion’s personnel and various animals and insects to a highly contagious and mutagenic biological agent known as the T-virus.

After finding underground passages Jill finds a lab with a large mutant (the giant humanoid has been created through constant exposure from the T-Virus) in a glass casing, this mutant is a Tyrant and is ultimately the main boss of the game. However he is not awake at this moment in time. In this area we are shown who the traitor is as we go down to investigate an area with Barry Burton he says lets split up (yet again) and as we are being chased by a large zombie Barry gets on the elevator leading to the first floor and leaves before you can get there meaning you have to fight the zombie alone. After defeating the zombie you continue to a lab where Wesker is conducting experiments and the Tyrant is in the background. A standoff begins between Wesker and Jill. Barry comes up behind Jill and points the gun at her head and Jill asks why. Wesker explains Barry had no choice as his family would have suffered had he not cooperated with his plans however Barry changes his mind and aims at Wesker.

Wesker releases the Tyrant from its case and gets attacked himself by the creature. Barry and Jill run away and as they do Jill finds Chris has been locked in a cell by Wesker and releases him by setting off the self destruct system in the lab. Jill manages to get in touch with Brad the pilot and arranges to meet with him at the heliport as Jill, Chris and Brad are escaping they get separated and Jill gets attacked once more by the Tyrant who she takes out with a rocket launcher. As the helicopter takes back off the mansion explodes in the background finishing the game and the T-Virus


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