Everyone’s best friend Joey Barton

Joey Barton in the headlines yet again! And guess what he was straight on Twitter to defend himself! He loves using the social media to defend himself, tell us some philosophical quotes and basically have a go at people that do not deserve to be considered celebrities.

Another red card in his troubled career the former prison inmate allegedly head butted an opponent and was sent down the tunnel for an early bath. This after he had opened the scoring in a crucial match for QPR, so the question is- is he worth having in your team?

He does get a rough ride from referees and will be punished a lot more harshly than most players for minor offences for example last season against Wolves for Newcastle he was fouled on numerous occasions and then committed one foul and was booked straight away so he can be considered fortunate.

However let’s look at the other side of his game starting at Molineux where after getting abused by the crowd he showed the crowd what the score was and started laughing at them and then after the game deliberately called Wolves’ club captain the wrong name and said that he was a Sunday League player at best. This is a lack of respect to the fans mostly because he should be able to deal with a bit of banter from the crowd as he always says on Twitter it’s all just a joke and all he wants is a laugh.

The end of his Newcastle career was definitely not a laugh for Mike Ashley and the Newcastle Director’s as the player was forced out the club for letting his thoughts known on the situation at the club and was immediately made available for free transfer. In this situation I don’t think he realised how much damage he could have done to the club, he could have destabilised every member of the team and ruined the football club for years to come. However, Ashley has had the last laugh with Newcastle performing admirably and QPR struggling and battling relegation.

Some things he does in games is ridiculous and he is a very contradictory character as when he picked Gervinho up against Arsenal when he claimed he dived to try and win a penalty and then seconds later Gervinho’s hand brushed Barton’s cheek and he went down like he had just been hit by Mike Tyson in his prime.

Finally, Joey Barton is a very frustrating man claiming he is one of the working class yet when he gets in any argument at all, he brings up how much money he makes and basically is saying that because he is rich he is more powerful than the rest of us. For someone that in my opinion believes he is the people’s champion, he needs to take a long look at himself in the mirror especially now he has become a father.

Time to grow up Joey and stop being a keyboard warrior (one of his regular quotes on Twitter).


2 thoughts on “Everyone’s best friend Joey Barton

    • I do agree with you on some points, he is trying to help the game at times and some of his work is for the good of the game for example he made a lot of people sign the petition for the Hillsborough disaster which was very positive and showed that he is a good person but what I was trying to say is he needlessly attacks people verbally over Twitter and doesn’t respect other people’s opinions. I am fortunate enough to have met him a few times and he does seem to be a nice enough lad but he will always have the stigma of being a convict

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