The Simpsons season 3 review

The Simpsons Season 3 provides many moments of laughter and is one of the best in the complete history of the Simpsons. Homer and Bart provide most of the laughs but also in this series other characters such as Otto, Sideshow Bob and Mr Burns have very funny roles to play.

Season 3 contains probably my favourite episode which is ‘Homer at the Bat’ which shows Homer playing for the Nuclear Power Plant softball team only to be replaced by professional players. My favourite line in the whole series is in this episode and I’m not even 100% sure why but it is when Smithers says to Burns that he will get the team together and make the pros play and as he is leaving Burns says to him, ‘And Smithers you have 24 hours.’ It makes me laugh every time just because it makes no sense and it’s not even clear why he says it as the team doesn’t need to be together within the next 24 hours.

The season has many guests on the show including Michael Jackson and Danny DeVito who play interesting characters. Michael Jackson plays Leon Kompowsky who is in the mental hospital that Homer gets sent to for wearing a pink shirt to work in the episode ‘Stark Raving Dad.’ The episode ends with Kompowsky helping Bart to write a song for Lisa’s birthday. When he comes home with Homer he is not greeted by the town as would be expected but this is because he is a big, fat, bald white man. It is a very good episode to start the series off. DeVito joins the cast for a second time to play Herb Powell, Homer’s half brother. He comes back into the Simpsons lives when he gets an idea that will make him rich again (Homer crippled him the first time they met by making a car that flopped and forced him to sell his business and home)

The series has some emotional scenes in too as in the episode containing Herb it shows him and Homer reuniting and it finishes with Herb saying that they can call each other brothers once again after previously stating that he had no brother. Another time of reconciliation is when Krusty and his father forgive each other and learn to accept each other, therefore this seems like a common theme running through the series. Elsewhere in the series it tackles issues such as corruption in politics in the episode ‘Mr Lisa Goes To Washington’ where Lisa catches a senator making a shady deal to cut down the forest in Springfield and changes her speech at a competition which alerts the authorities and they stop the senator.

The return of Sideshow Bob was also a good inclusion in his attempt to kill Selma but in that episode the funniest moment is when Bart has to try to explain what is going on to Homer four times and he still doesn’t understand even though Bart is using every prop available to show him. The Treehouse of Horror episode was ok in this series but I’m not a huge fan of these anyway but it provides adequate laughs. Other than that I think this is one of the greatest Simpsons seasons there is to date because you can take any episode from it and find a favourite moment. This season also gives us a look into Homer and Marge’s past which is interesting in itself as it shows some of the problems young couples have when they are about to have a baby.

I would give this season a 10 out of 10 due to the fact that it doesn’t matter how many times you watch these episodes they never get old and its worth remembering that they were brought in 1992 and are still funny to this day.

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