Body Of Lies- Movie Review

(Warning Spoilers)

Working in a job can be frustrating especially when your boss is doing things behind your back which is jeopardising your position or in Leonardo DiCaprio’s case his actual life. Body Of Lies is a spy thriller starring DiCaprio and Russell Crowe and takes an interesting look at how America is dealing with terrorist problems all around the world.

You can see why DiCaprio got this role as he is basically playing a very similar role to the one he played in the brilliant film The Departed. He is very clever, and knows exactly what is going on as he is right there in the action, feeling the emotions around the country whereas his boss Crowe is making decisions without knowing what is really going on as Ferris (DiCaprio) makes a deal with Hani (Mark Strong), the head of security in Jordan to let him know everything that is going on in exchange for man power and help with other things. But Hoffman (Crowe) screws this up and causes friction between Hani and Ferris by making decisions without consulting Ferris and therefore Hani thinks he is lying to him and keeping him in the dark which was Hani’s only stipulation in agreeing to the deal.

Al-Saleem is the man they are all trying to catch as he has been setting off bombs all around Europe and is planning to attack American next. Ferris shows his brilliance after being kicked out of the country by Hani for allegedly betraying him, when he hatches a plan to create a fake terrorist group so he can make Al-Saleem make contact with this group, only it would be the CIA they were making contact with. This plan backfires as when he is invited back to Jordan, he actually does lie to Hani and says he has not idea about it.

During his time in the country he meets Aisha a local nurse who treats him and he begins to have feelings for her. This could have ultimately led to his downfall as she gets taken and when he asks Hani for help he confesses he knew about the fake terrorist group and therefore Hani refuses to help him, and he has to swap his life for Aisha’s. The torture scene on Ferris is very well done with it being not too gory but it shows the pain and anguish that some people have been through.

The film is very cleverly done all the way through as at times it is a political thriller with social meaning to it then in the next moment it changes to an action thriller and what makes Ridley Scott so brilliant is that he does it without it seeming stupid and hasn’t just thrown in a piece of action to keep some members of the audience interested.

Leonardo DiCaprio proves yet again that he is a brilliant actor in this film as he is very likeable and he adapts to any role really well. He can speak fluent Arabic and from watching the film you get the feeling he has done a lot of research into the area and what he is portraying. Russell Crowe also puts in a good performance as he plays someone that most people will hate straight from the off but what makes it such a convincing performance is that while he is basically being a bad guy he is also doing every day things with his children which is trying to show that even the most powerful people in the world make decisions that could get a lot of people killed they have to carry on with their life as normal. Also, Mark Strong deserves credit as everything about his performance seems to suggest that he could actually be doing this as his real job rather than just acting it, he knows he has to make allies but also knows who to trust and this is why he takes a liking to Ferris rather than Hoffman.

A very good film, with some strong political messages so I would give this film an 8 out of 10.


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