If Rangers die, Scottish football dies too

Defending champions of the SPL Rangers, have entered administration and this could spell disaster for Scottish football. There have been financial worries for quite some time but surely not many people expected this outcome at all. They are, alongside Celtic by far the biggest club in Scotland and if the situation gets worse who knows what is going to happen north of the border.

Celtic fans may be laughing at their arch rivals but in my opinion they won’t be in a few years or maybe even months because they too will face serious financial implications if Rangers are forced to close down. The SPL is a very average league and there will be no competition if both of the Glasgow clubs are not challenging for the title as Celtic will walk the league and it could put certain businesses off sponsoring the SPL. How many games a season are shown live that don’t include either Celtic or Rangers? I can’t imagine it being very high therefore they would probably lose a lot of revenue from television companies.

It will severely affect other teams in the SPL because they probably only fill their grounds when Rangers and Celtic play them and they will make money from playing away to these teams as they have huge stadiums and supporters will want to go visit these grounds. It may allow them to challenge for Europe and the title more but would this feel as good if they only had this opportunity because Rangers weren’t allowed to play in the Scottish league anymore?

A big discussion is whether they should have moved Rangers and Celtic to England and maybe this could have saved Rangers and now it could force the authorities to push through Celtic joining the English leagues as they will soon feel the financial pain that Rangers are suffering currently. So, ultimately Rangers could be helping Celtic here without even knowing it, because I can’t imagine the SPL will continue with Celtic being the only team that have any chance of winning the title.

Rangers need to survive so Scottish football survives because it doesn’t have a lot going for it right now and does not need this to be happening right now but owner Craig Whyte is confident they can pull through this and I for one hope they do because they have massive support all over the world and it would be a tragedy to not get to see anymore Old Firm derbies because they are arguably the most fierce in the world because it is about more than football.

I honestly don’t think that Rangers will be allowed to go under, they will get saved somehow and their supporters do not deserve this as no football fan should lose their team as we have seen in the past. But they will need to learn, football is changing and teams need to start looking at their finances and making sure they are making profits and not paying for players they cannot afford.

Scottish football needs Rangers and even Celtic fans will be hoping they pull through this even though they may not admit it.

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