Sheffield Wednesday’s new manager Dave Jones

Dave Jones has been given the Sheffield Wednesday job after the club decided to sack their manager Gary Megson.

It was an interesting decision it itself to sack Megson who had just led his team to victory against Sheffield United, however club chairman Milan Mandaric had already decided to sack the manager after his team got beat away to Chesterfield. He said he did not want to ruin the Sheffield United game for the supporters and this is why he kept Megson in charge for it. So, at least he allowed Megson, the Wednesday fan himself, enjoy a victory over their biggest rivals which must be a moment he will never forget especially as more than 36,000 were at the game.

But, football moves on quickly so let’s have a look at Dave Jones, he has always been a respected manager and has always got his teams to play good football. He was most recently at Cardiff City where he was sacked because he failed to get them promoted. This might seem a bit harsh as they finished in the playoffs the year he got sacked but they failed to get promoted and it probably hurt that little bit more that Swansea did. He was very well received by the Cardiff fans and he had a good win percentage of nearly 42% at the club and did get them to an FA Cup final which is a very good achievement for a Championship side.

He did achieve promotion to the Premier League with Wolves and the Wednesday fans will be happy with this as they beat Sheffield United 3-0 in the playoff final. Jones, was however also sacked from this job after having an appalling season in the Premier League followed by just four wins from 15 games on their return to the Championship. He knows what it is liked to get sacked and with Mandaric in charge, who likes to sack managers, this will probably only end in one way. The Owls will only hope that this happens when the club are at least in the Championship and he has taken them as far as they can go.

The new man at Hillsborough needs to hit the ground running and get some victories under his belt as the fans may not take to him as quickly as they had done to Megson. Yes, Megson did play a long ball game but this was expected as all his teams have played that way and now it might be difficult for the players to get out of this mindset. But, Jones encourages passing football and it won’t happen overnight but when it does click all of his teams have played fluent attacking football and have been one of the most entertaining teams in the league. However, looking over his track record it hasn’t always brought success and this may be a bit worrying. Wednesday should finish in the playoffs but when a new manager comes in, the players step it up to impress and if they string a very good set of results together they could still end up in the top two.

2 thoughts on “Sheffield Wednesday’s new manager Dave Jones

  1. All fair comment. As a Wednesdayite it is always sad to see someone who is essentially an Owls fan get the chop, but Mandaric is a man in a hurry and with Megson overseeing a string of defeats (and perhaps more in the season than a promoted club ought to expect) it was only a question of when the axe would fall.

    Jones has to revitalise the team and, perhaps most important, if the club has to settle for the play-offs he must get the players to forget that Wednesday have tended to struggle against the likes of Stevenage and Huddersfield recently. The new boss may well want to put in a new style of play but there is precious little time left, and almost no room for anything but win after win. Beating the Bladders was good but may not be enough to dent their charge. If anything Mandaric’s decision may have come a little too late for this season.

    • Mandaric wants to do things fast but Megson deserved more time because he has done a lot for the clubs finances which a lot of people seem to forget about including the chairman himself and when he took over the club were 15th in the table! In my opinion his time at Hillsborough should be seen as succesful and I hope that the team do go up for the fans. Also if Jones doesn’t achieve promotion there will be a lot of what ifs especially if United do go on a bad run

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