Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

Chelsea have sacked their manager Andre Villas Boas and will try to find someone who can deal with Abramovich, Terry, Lampard and Drogba.

I do not who is worse because it is blatant that these players run Chelsea and if they don’t like a manager then he will not last very long. At least Abramovich owns the club and can do whatever he wants because it is his money that he is pumping into the club but the players have no excuse, it doesn’t matter who the manager is, he deserves respect and should have full control over the team and not be influenced by players. This is why I feel sorry for Villas Boas because he is only a young manager and would have had a great future at Chelsea if the old regime weren’t there. I blame Mourinho slightly for this because he gave the players the confidence and made them feel like they were the best in the world and now nobody can control them.

This is why Jose Mourinho should be a contender for the job and if Chelsea want to be real challengers for the title then they have to bring the man in at all costs. He is the ‘Special One’ and nobody can argue with his record, everywhere he has been he has won trophies, including the Champions League with Porto and Inter Milan. In his first spell, he only lost 18 games out of 185, so why did he ever leave? Abramovich is the reason  and he needs to swallow his pride and do whatever is necessary to make sure that Mourinho manages Chelsea again because they desperately need him.

However, if the club don’t want to hire him then there are plenty of other candidates, Rafael Benitez has been linked with the job and he has also won the Champions League which is what Abramovich wants so that gives him a good chance. But when he was manager of Liverpool, he did a solid job but nothing more than that, he got them into the Champions League most years and had a decent win percentage. However, between him and Roy Hodgson they have left Liverpool in a position that they probably shouldn’t be in. Also, his last job at Inter Milan went horrifically even with some world class players like Wesley Sneijder, he could not get them to perform. He may get the respect of the players because of his achievements but this is not a certainty with the massive egos at the club.

Finally, Pep Guardiola is a huge name in the game and has won loads of trophies at Barcelona and therefore if he wants the job, he should probably be given it. Will he want the job though? He might want a new challenge especially if he wins the Champions League yet again and he might just want to test himself in a new environment. However, if he did come to England I think he would rather go to Manchester United or Arsenal because I think they would suit him more.

Mourinho and Guardiola

An outsider is David Moyes but this is very unlikely as he isn’t the biggest name and I think Abramovich cares about that and will take it into consideration. The next manager should be Mourinho and if they can patch up their differences then Chelsea will be a force yet again and the players will know who is boss. Player power cost Villas Boas his job but I don’t think that could happen to Mourinho because he has a bigger ego than all of them put together and this is the reason why he is so successful.

6 thoughts on “Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    • They have a good chance of winning the Champions League too so then I think he will want a new challenge. He has also bought a house in London recently so he could be on his way back. I miss him in the Premier League because he added something different

  1. Jose would be in a no-win situation if he rejoins Chelsea because they’re not going to win the Champions League with that aging squad and it’s going to be difficult to purchase the players who they’d be to put them over the top. Benitez would be my pick, but for the life of me, unless you’re driven predominately by money why would be want to be the next Chelsea manager.

    • Yeah I agree I don’t think many people would want the Chelsea job now but Mourinho does like a challenge and would surely be given more time to succeed than others because of what he did the first time round. But some people believe you should never go back no matter what

  2. To be honest I don’t really think it was Andrés’ fault. 5th is round about where Chelsea should be. Their squad is aged and pretty much all of the players are overrated (especially Fernando Torres, I would put him in the reserve team.)
    Ambravich (is that how you spell it) just refuses to let his dream of the Champions League go. Man City, Tottenham, Man United and perhaps Arsenal are now the big clubs in the Premier League.

    • You are right there are arguably four better teams in the Premier League and I definitely agree that some of their players are overrated, if he could have got Torres to perform then they may have been in better position. It will take a good manager now to give him the confidence to be the player he once was

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