Should Roger Johnson and Lee Cattermole step down as captains of Wolves and Sunderland

Two club captains this week have been told that even though their behaviour has not been the best they will be keeping the armband.

Sunderland skipper Lee Cattermole was sent off after the final whistle in the game against Newcastle and Roger Johnson allegedly turned up for training drunk. The Wolves captain issued an apology straightaway which was the right thing to do but this is not the type of behaviour young fans should be seeing from their heroes.

Lee Cattermole was an absolute disgrace and even his manager Martin O’Neill could not defend his actions and if he should have taken away the armband because he has not ever shown the qualities of a real captain anyway. Yes he has the passion and the drive to succeed for his club but he takes it too far and picks up needless bookings and gets sent off. In the Newcastle game he got booked in the first 40 seconds for a tackle that may on another day have resulted in a red with the way football is at the moment and he probably only got saved because it was so early in the game. How can you justify him? Gets booked 40 seconds into the game and sent off 60 seconds after the final whistle and the manager expects the rest of the players to follow his example.

Cattermole has now seen red six times in his career

You could say the occasion got to him but this is not a one off, I believe that if he stays in the Premier League his whole career he will eventually get sent off more than any other player in the history of the league unless he calms down a lot. This, however does not seem likely and the manager needs to stop this and maybe if he took away the armband he would learn.

Roger Johnson is arguably worse because you cannot turn up for work drunk so why does he, a professional footballer think it is acceptable to do it. There is a thing with footballers that they all have really big egos and this is just more evidence that they do, it shows a lack of respect for the club and a lack of respect for the new man in charge. He has no defence for what he did, but at least he apologised and this is where I think he may deserve another chance unlike Cattermole because he knows he did wrong and he had a pretty clean slate before this incidence so I am hoping that it is just a one off.

All players are going to make mistakes but these two need to look at themselves more than the others because everyone at the club looks up to the captains and this includes everyone from teammates to youth team players to fans. The manager uses the captain to deliver his messages to the rest of the team and if they can’t be trusted then they need replacing. Both of these players are valuable to their clubs but maybe as recent weeks have shown not as captain.

5 thoughts on “Should Roger Johnson and Lee Cattermole step down as captains of Wolves and Sunderland

  1. Cattermole has very little talent other than what you saw after 40 seconds v NUFC. Thats HIS game, nothing more, nothing less. More astonishing is that SAFC’s supporters actually think he’s a good player. I genuinely think that one deserves the other fully.

    • Yes I do agree with you to an extent but he does give them something he can be a decent player when he is focused on the game and not on fouling the opposition. He has been in superb form over the last couple of weeks and this is not me defending him because I don’t even like him but I do have to give him credit for his performances lately (apart from against Newcastle)

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