Ten years at Everton for David Moyes

David Moyes has reached a landmark that not many others do in modern day football and he deserves every bit of praise that he receives.

For 10 years he has been at Everton and has taken them to the FA Cup final and also to Champions League qualification. Who could have imagined this when he first took charge? Especially when at times in his reign he has been given very little money and had to replace players with cheaper options who he has made into very good Premier League players. Tim Cahill is one of these who owes his Premier League career to Moyes and he has served club and manager brilliantly. At the time of his signing a lot of clubs were looking at him but Moyes took a chance on him and he has repaid the faith with eight years loyal service and scoring many important goals.

Moyes became Everton manager on the 14th March 2002

Sometimes in football the stats do lie though and I believe the Scottish manager has been overlooked for arguably bigger jobs because of his win percentage which is surprisingly only 41.74%. But during this time he has got Everton into Europe on four occasions and in the last two seasons came very close to getting the team there again. But his real skill is in the transfer market, yes he hasn’t got them all right but nobody ever will, just looking at the players he has bought, when he signed them they were not necessarily household names but after a season or two they were considered some of the best in the league. Mikel Arteta is one of these who not many had heard of but he was vital in the way the team played and this led to speculation that he could leave the club which he eventually did when he joined Arsenal. Steven Pienaar is another great example of this.

He also doesn’t mind giving players a chance for example he signed Joleon Lescott and in my opinion he would not be at Manchester City if it wasn’t for the Everton manager because he took a chance on him even though he had never played a Premier League game. Leighton Baines is another, as well as Phil Jagielka. The lists just go on for him and his success far out way his disappointments in the transfer marker, even the experienced players he has brought in have made a positive impact, a lot of people may not have thought the Phil Neville signing was going to be good but his versatility has proved vital over the years and Tim Howard who was deemed a failure in the Premier League but was given another shot and he is arguably one of the best keepers in the league.

Finally, Moyes does not only rely on transfers, he is very good with the youth team, when they bring a player through he treats them right and does not let the spotlight get on them too much. When Wayne Rooney burst onto the scene it would have been easy for the pressure to get to him but Moyes didn’t allow that and I hope that Rooney realises one day how much Moyes did for him. You can add Jack Rodwell and Ross Barkley to that list as well.

It is remarkable looking back at his Everton career because there are so many positives in everything he has done but how different it could have been if he got sacked after finishing 2003-4 season in 17th place. But the board stuck with him and well done to them too. He three time LMA Manager of the Year and eight time Premier League manager of the Month will no doubt continue to do a very good job at Everton and I also believe he is one of the reasons why Everton are a lot of football fans ‘second team’ and this cannot be a bad thing for the club on a whole.

5 thoughts on “Ten years at Everton for David Moyes

  1. David Moyes really is a genius. He has taken a club with a low budget and a struggling squad and turned them into Europe League and even Champions League contenders. If it wasn’t for moneybags Man City, Man united, arsenal and Chelsea, the toffees would be contending for the title. Harry Redknapp has basically done the same thing at Tottenham, and Roy Hodgson did a great job with Fulham whilst he was there.

    • Definitely, Everton were challenging and did finish in the top four under Moyes but then the richer clubs obviously took over. Harry Redknapp has had a lot of money though so I would actually argue that Moyes is a better manager. Agree with the Hodgson point though as he is doing it again at West Brom

  2. We have had a net spend equal or more than spurs and arsenal. please don’t use the money excuse. If he was so good, why aren’t clubs queueing up to want him.. Because he is tactically inept and far too defensive. he thinks drawing away games is exceptable, and never takes reponsibility when more often than not the team give a poor performance

    • That is a valid opinion but Moyes has had to deal with a lot of departures and any team that loses their best players will struggle to replace them especially when he hasn’t been given a lot of money. I am sure a lot of Manchester United fans want Moyes to replace Ferguson when he retires and sometimes a draw is a good result away from home. He has been a very good manager for years and I don’t think anyone else could have done as good a job on the same budget

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