Who will be the next Rotherham United manager?

Rotherham United sacked their manager Andy Scott after less than a year in charge and placed Darren Patterson in temporary control.

Rotherham United are currently 10th in League 2

Patterson got off to a great start with a 4-2 victory over Macclesfield Town leaving the club in 10th place, eight points outside of the playoffs and in the process has done himself no harm in getting the job permanently. He has managed before at Oxford United but looking back on his career he seems to want to be an assistant more than the main man at a club but he could be tempted to take the job as Rotherham are very ambitious and want to be playing in a higher division. He currently has a 38.8% win record which isn’t terrible and he could possibly do a good job for the club.

However, there are many other candidates and one they should surely be looking at is Mark Robins, as he is currently available and has worked at the club before and therefore knows a bit about the place. In his first spell in charge he was quite successful and he almost got the club promoted from League 2 even though they started the season with a 17 point deduction. He may be a good choice but some people believe you should never go back to your old club no matter what as it could ruin your reputation there so maybe the board should be looking at a different person to take them forward rather than looking back into the past.

Brian Laws is also in the running for the job and he already has links to Yorkshire with him being the manager of Sheffield Wednesday for three years. This could be a good thing or a bad thing as he will know the area and it won’t take him long to settle in the area and people always perform better when they are settled. However, it could go the other way and because of his time with Wednesday the Millers fans may not take to him very well and if results aren’t going his way they may turn on him very quickly. He has secured promotion twice from this division with Scunthorpe United and this is exactly what the club wants so he has a good chance of getting the job.

If they don’t mind paying compensation for their next manager then maybe they could look at Steve Evans at Crawley Town because he has done very well there and they are currently 5th in the table and are hoping to be at least in the playoff positions come the end of the season. Evans is an ambitious manager and will be hoping for automatic promotion but if he thinks that Rotherham have a better chance of getting promoted it wouldn’t surprise me if he left Crawley. He isn’t the most liked person in football and can annoy people at times.

Rotherham have a lot of potential and have been knocking on the door of promotion for a number of years and eventually they will achieve what they want but they have to give the new manager some time to get his own ideas across to the players and also the opportunity to bring in his own players.

8 thoughts on “Who will be the next Rotherham United manager?

  1. Steve Thompson gets my vote, he”s an ex-Miller..a creative midfielder that (HOPEFULLY) would install an entertaining style of football, he”s learned his trade under 2 fairly well successfull Managers in Simon Grayson & Ian Holloway, and i think the time is right for him to move into the hotseat himself.
    As long as he brings in an experienced No2 such as John Breckin or someone similar then i think & hope it could be a match made in heaven and with the Millers moving into our new stadium i think EVERYONE would give him the time & patience that most other managers wouldn”t get from the Millers faithful. Other than “THOMMO” i would possibly give Kevin Watson a try..similar to Steve Thompson but with less experience.

    • I did consider writing about Steve Thompson but I just thought this would be a critical time for the club and they may want someone with a proven track record in this division. I have to be honest and say I don’t know that much about Kevin Watson but I think the fans deserve something to cheer and need to go into their new stadium in high spirits and the club will certainly go from strength to strength

  2. I think we probably need someone who is proven. You know what they say,’never go back’ but I always think Mark Robins (aided and abetted by John Breckin) has unfinished business with the Millers.

    It’s a bit of a minefield out there and I hope that Tony Stewart gets someone in who can last the course.

    • From what I have heard from a few Millers fans they don’t want Robins back because he turned his back on them. If another big club comes in for him, will he leave again? If yes, then that is pretty unreliable, although he did do a very good job first time round and was linked with jobs in higher divisions (which doesn’t always necessarily mean they are bigger clubs) which can be hard to turn down

  3. This time we have got to get it right as the last two appointments have been with mixed views from the fans Ronnie split the support and Scott was regarded as a Southern so and so that did not know how to get the best out of the players.
    Mark Robins is one of the favourites but for me it would be taking a backward step and would cause yet again a split between the supporters as it did when Mr Moore returned and we have been down that road at it failed.
    Anybody associated with our rivals Wednesday would go down like a lead balloon so for me Laws and Megson are out of the running.
    Me personally I would like to see Sean O’Driscoll or Lee Clark take the helm. But thats me and not the chairmans view.
    Whoever we decided on it as to be for the good of the club as another twelve months of poor performances and devide between the fans cannot be tolerated as off the field we are heading in the right direction with the new stadium and training ground near completion.
    Tony Stewart as got it right off the field now he as to choose carefully and bring in a manager who can gel a team that is capable of playing in the new facilities and guiding us towards promotion.

    • I thought Scott would have done a decent job but if all the fans weren’t backing him then he was inevitably going to fail. O’Driscoll now that is an interesting one because I feel as though he could have any job in League 1 or 2 but for some reason he hasn’t been heavily linked with any. He would get the team to play good football but will that get you promoted from League 2? The club is certainly on the up and it just needs someone to steer them in the right direction and if Lee Clark was willing to drop down then he would certainly do a good job

  4. Mark Robins would have my vote – had he stayed to the end of the season I believe we would have been promoted and the football was good to watch – something which has not often been the case since.
    If Tony Stewart won’t consider him – for obvious reasons – then Sean O’Driscoll, who did such a great job getting promotions for Doncaster, would be my choice.

    Brian Laws and Gary Megson – whenever I have seen or heard them interviewed seem such boring people and PLEASE we do not need anymore boring football here!

    • There is a lot of debate about Robins, some want him, some don’t, but there is no doubt he did do a good job first time round and could do it again. Sean O’Driscoll, likes to play good football and will probably get the fans onside but if it’s not working he doesn’t really have a plan B so could be a struggle in League 2. Well Megson got criticised a lot at Wednesday for playing long ball but they were still getting some good results (although under Dave Jones they are gettin similar if not better results and playing good football). Needs to be the right man this time in my opinion for the Millers or it may be a while before they get promoted

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