Emeli Sande proving different can be successful

Emeli Sande could be the breakthrough artist of the year with her incredible album ‘Our Version of Events’

Sande started work on this album when she was only 11 years old

The album was released on the 13th February and has been to the very top of the UK Album Charts as well as faring quite well in America reaching number 28 on the Billboard 200. This is not something you really expect to hear at the top of the charts in the year 2012 as recently music has been more about getting up and dancing with a lot of energy to their songs but this is more like music of old and has brought poetry back to music. Most of the best songs are simple and this is what Sande has tried to do with this album by using her voice as the main effect and having a simple melody behind. You can tell she is influenced heavily by soul music and it really comes out at times during the album and you can really feel how meaningful the lyrics are to her. The most important thing to her in her songs is clearly getting the message of her lyrics across and is just as important as the tune, there is a definite passion and desire in her voice and this is seen in the songs ‘My Kind of Love’ and ‘Breaking The Law’. ‘Breaking The Law’ in particular is a very fascinating song and can mean many different things to people, it could be about a partner or a family member and it just shows how much some people will do for their loved ones.

The single, ‘Heaven’ is an epic pop song that will get audiences to throw their hands up in the air and sing along and will be heard over and over again in the years to come I am sure and it was named the record of the week by Fearne Cotton when it was released.

Most of the songs on the album are about love and romance but if you take the time to look deeper into it, you can tell it is much more complex than that and tries to explain complicated emotions, the song, ‘Maybe’ is an example of this as it is about after a break up thinking whether someone is the love of your life or not which is obviously difficult to explain but Sande is a very talented storyteller and does it well.

Some people may find the album boring and not be able to listen to the whole thing through at once because it can be a little too much of the same as their isn’t a massive amount of change but to me if someone has a s good a voice as her why try and make it about anything else. ‘Next to Me’ reminds me of old soulful house music and with it’s beautiful harmonies I can see this being many people’s favourite song on the album and is just another example of her amazing voice and you have to remember this is only the beginning and she will hopefully grow and get better and better.

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