Who will be Coventry City’s next manager?

After three draws out of three and throwing away a two goal lead at home Coventry City have sacked their manager Andy Thorn.

I was a little shocked by this as they have made an ok start to the new season and it is a long season which means that the club can still battle for promotion. Just looking at the table, it is more than likely that the table will not end this way with Yeovil Town top after the first three games when they were expected to struggle all season (obviously they could still end up getting relegated). Thorn, hasn’t had a great time at Coventry with the club being relegated from the Championship last season but surely it is too early to sack a manager. They gave him the summer to get a squad together and now they haven’t even given him till the end of August to get them to play the way he wants. Only winning 13 of his 60 games in charge is not good enough but there have been a lot of other issues surrounding the club and he has had very little to work with. I honestly thought they would give him time because there are a lot of young players there and they need stability to get the best out of them.

Lee Carsley and Richard Shaw have been put in temporary charge and they will be given the opportunity to impress the board over the next few games and get the job permanently if they want it. But, I am going to focus on options outside of the club.

Now, I am going to put someone forward for nearly every job going until he gets a new one because he has been out of football for far too long and has been a success nearly everywhere he has been. And that man is Billy Davies. He has been out of work since June 2011 and maybe he hasn’t found the right job to take but I think he should put himself forward for this one as Coventry are a big club and their fans deserve the good times back. He will get them more attacking and all of his teams challenge near the top of the league so it will also help with attendances so it will be a win win situation for the board.

They could however, go in a different direction and appoint an up and coming manager in someone like Dean Holdsworth. Who has been doing a very good job at Aldershot Town. They haven’t had a great start to the season, only winning one game out of three but they only have a small budget and he has done well keeping them in League 2. For me, it would be too much of a step up but he is considered as one of the favourites so maybe the board like the fact that he can achieve his goals within a budget.

Finally, a surprising choice, would be a player that ended his career at the Ricoh Arena and scored 6 goals in 13 games for the club back in the 2005-06 season is Dennis Wise. He has been out of the management game for a long time with his last job being at Leeds United in 2008. He isn’t the most liked person in the world so I don’t know how the Coventry fans would react but he does have a decent record as manager and if he performs as well as he did as a player at the club then it would be a good move by the board. Personally, I hope he doesn’t get the job but there is no doubt his team will play with a lot of fight and determination which maybe exactly what the club needs.

6 thoughts on “Who will be Coventry City’s next manager?

  1. No sooner did I write about the awesomeness of Coventry on this blog, and my hope that they would have a good season, than they sack their manager. I think the first two are good calls, but especially Holdsworth (that’s an old pic – he’s pretty fat now!). I think the veteran player/caretaker manager thing can work but often the idea of putting two in charge (which happens a lot) can dilute the influence of the most capable of the duo. And then you never really see that potential like you might have if they had been put in sole charge. Big fan of Carsley and Shaw as professionals so they are worth a shot.

    • Yeah I know, I like you was pretty optimistic about Coventry this season but maybe now it will just be a season of transition. Holdsworth has put on a bit of weight recently haha Carsley and Shaw played a lot of games between them so maybe their love for the club will just give the players the spark they need to challenge for promotion this year

  2. the young side need a solid manager and I feel the decision was pretty unjust. I am now looking at our season with hope not optimism.

  3. Billy Davies was never going to be interested in the Coventry job and so it has proved. He didn’t apply and his representative turned down an approach from the Coventry board.

    Coventry arent and have never been a big club

    We are a small-ish club who have punched above our weight for a long time

    • I was just putting forward Billy Davies because I felt he could do a good job for Coventry, obviously this isn’t the case and he doesn’t want it but he hasn’t had a job for a while and they should be in the Championship still, if they sort a few things out at the club

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