All Girl Rock Band Cherri Bomb – This Is The End Of Control review

Cherri Bomb are an all girl rock band for America and are starting to make a name for themselves all over the world.

These teenagers have recently toured with LostProphets and have in the past been the opening act at Foo Fighters, The Smashing Pumpkins and Staind gigs so their reputation is clearly growing and they have been praised quite a lot by none other than Foo Fighters Dave Grohl. To be praised by Grohl shows they have a lot of talent and their cover of ‘The Pretender’ is one of the best I have heard and some may even argue they prefer it to the original, although I can’t imagine many will say this out loud. They have a good team around them who have helped keep them going and made sure they do what they want rather than what is required to make a mark on the charts. They are managed by Samantha Maloney who has been a part of bands such as Hole, Motley Crue and Eagles of Death Metal so she knows what it takes to be successful.

The band who are aged surprisingly between 14 and 16 have already performed at some of the best festivals around Europe including T in the Park, Oxegen, Sonisphere and Reading and Leeds. This success has all come from their debut album, ‘This is the End of Control’ which was released on May 15th 2012. It is a very impressive debut that has a lot of energy about it and you can feel their enthusiasm for what they are doing which makes you enjoy it even more. This is definitely not something you expect from girls their age as they are full of attitude and have very good hooks throughout most songs. This album will certainly bring smiles to a lot of people and they have produced some very catchy tunes. One of the best songs on the album is ‘Better This Way’ and this is because of the catchy sing a long chorus, guitar riffs and the pounding drum beat. It completely sets the pace for the whole album which is 12 songs long but only lasts around 38 minutes.

You can tell they have been greatly influenced by the Foo Fighters in particular the songs, ‘Drawing A Blank’ and ‘Paper Doll’, The intro to ‘Drawing a Blank’ wouldn’t look out of place on a Foo song and it is from the guitars that just give this album its extra edge. Possibly their greatest achievement so far is getting the song, ‘Shake The Ground’ onto the soundtrack of one of the biggest movies ever. The movie in question is ‘The Avengers’. The standout track for me though is ‘Raw. Real’ and it is because it has a very simple yet effective feel to it and is one of the reasons they have been attracting the right sort of attention over the last few months.

This is certainly not the last we have heard of Cherri Bomb and I hope they get some mainstream attention because they deserve it and will only get better and better because they are so young.

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