House Season 8 Review

House season 8 was the final one of the show and it had some very good moments and in some ways lived up to expectations.
After season 7 finished it took me a very long time to get round to watching the final season because I just really did not enjoy it that much and felt that it was a very good decision to finish the show soon after. So I got my wish and I thought the start was interesting enough seeing House in a completely different environment but still dealing with everything as if it is a puzzle. During the early episodes we were introduced to a new character Dr Jessica Adams and she is very similar to Cameron in the earlier seasons in my opinion because she has problems away from the hospital that she has to try and deal with. She recognises that House can bring her potential out as a doctor and that is why she is willing to follow him.
Dr Adams
We are given another new character that joins the team early on in the season and Park was brilliant in my eyes because she had some incredibly funny scenes, especially with Chase. So, along with Taub the team was once again back together and one thing I learned from this season is that the show would not work without House being there full time because when he wasn’t there and it was just the team dealing with the cases they were nowhere near as interesting and even though I loved all of the characters there needed to be something extra and it would get boring without House.

This leads into the fact that House was unavailable a lot especially towards the end and a lot of it seemed to be gearing towards a big finish. A problem I had with this final season is it seemed to meander towards the end and barring one or two episodes nothing of note really happened until the last four episodes. Although saying that for me one of the best episodes of the whole show was when the show lacked a little direction and it followed Chase round mostly for the episode because of events of the previous episode and it really did connect with me and it was amazingly put together. However, the only problem with this episode is that it was a fantastic stand alone episode but it was largely forgotten about a few episodes later.

Onto the final storyline and I am glad they went the way they did with it because the show was largely about House and Wilson they had been together the most and all of the other characters left at some point and Wilson was always the one left. Us as viewers invested a lot of time in these two characters and their relationship so it was right that they created a brilliant ending for these two and a few moments will bring a tear to your eye. Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard deserves so much credit for the way they portrayed the characters and is going to go down as one of the best friendships in a TV show ever. The final episode was not that dramatic and did not quite finish on as high a note as I hoped but it still managed to show something different about House and showed us a side to him that we had very rarely seen in 176 episodes.
House and Wilson
I would give this season an 8 out of 10.

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