GTA IV – The Lost and Damned Review

The story follows Johnny Klebitz who was seen on several occasions during the original GTA IV and was an interesting character. However, I feel that maybe he was not quite interesting enough to be the main character. He is second in command of the biker gang and the first half of the game is a power struggle between him and the leader Billy. Although it is a fine storyline at times it feels like it was rushed and not developed enough. But it seems like an Oscar worthy entry compared to the horrible subplot between Johnny and on-off girlfriend Ashley which is just very annoying.

The graphics are pretty similar to GTA IV as you would expect but it is a little darker than the original and for some reason it doesn’t seem as interesting to wander around the city and discover things. But there is nothing wrong with the graphics and they did not need to improve much on this area. The characters all have distinctive looks and there is even a cut scene that features a naked male and you get to see everything, I don’t know if this is impressive or not but it is definitely a first.

This is one area where it did definitely improve on GTA IV. Rockstar made riding bikes fun as they are now easy to handle and it takes a lot more to fall off. With the main character being in a gang I thought it was a cool idea to be given the option to use other members whenever you want. During missions you can call for help and your club come running. Plus they gain experience through fighting and so it is actually worthwhile trying to keep them alive but if they do die they get replaced by a newer member who starts with zero experience.

The game takes around 8-10 hours to complete which is not a bad length but I feel that they could have made it longer to make it more enjoyable. Throughout the game there are a lot of things to do such as 25 gang wars and races etc. The gang wars are fun but I just don’t see anyone replaying them several times just like the main story. But if you want to just mess about then it is a better choice than GTA IV because of the cooler weapons.

It is a decent game that I’m sure many will enjoy but for me it just lacked something in the storyline to make it special. Although I did thoroughly enjoy my time playing the game I did not connect with the characters and was not intrigued by the storyline. The voice acting is outstanding as always on a Rockstar game and this is one area where you will never be let down. It was also nice to see a few cameo appearances from the original characters such as Niko and Roman. It is definitely a game that is worth playing and even though the story isn’t great it makes up for it by having much improved gameplay.

Score = 8 out of 10


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