Creed Review

Creed could be the film that catapults the Rocky franchise into the modern day and gives the old fans something to enjoy.

For a 7th instalment in a film series it is a decent effort to draw new fans into the franchise and will no doubt lead to many more sequels in the future. But a big question that audiences will have to ask themselves is whether they want to see more Rocky (despite him not being the main character) and also how much can boxing films offer these days that others haven’t done in the past.

For me, it definitely exceeds expectations and a fan of the Rocky films should definitely go see this film. Unfortunately it will not please everyone that goes as they will see this as a rehash of the original films and offers nothing new. The director, Ryan Coogler does capture the tone of the originals and it is definitely a love letter to them films, however yet again the problem with that is some scenes can be far too familiar and is certainly not an original plot.


The main character, Adonis Creed, played by Michael B Jordan does a fantastic job in my opinion and many will feel that his charm and talent throughout the film might have just given him an Oscar nomination. He is truly captivating throughout and is a likeable actor but maybe the reason why he didn’t get a nomination was that he was slightly overshadowed by Sylvester Stallone who was back again as Rocky Balboa. Rocky will always be Stallone’s best character and after the fairly average ‘Rocky Balboa’ this was certainly a return to form and arguably this is the best performance of his career.

Fight scenes are always crucial in any boxing film and they are masterfully directed and you really feel the weight of the punches and also the training scenes (yet again, pretty much copied from the originals) are entertaining and show how much effort goes into training for a big fight. When the film focused on Rocky and Creed it was a better film as the relationship between Creed and his girlfriend Bianca fell flat and was underwhelming and offered very little. But in future instalments it could lead to more interesting plots.

Creed Rocky

One plot point that I felt was disappointingly underused was the character of Mary Anne Creed who could have been so interesting and added more of a story but they obviously decided to go for a love story rather than more history of the Rocky universe.

If you are a Rocky fan and just want to see more of the same then you will have a great time and will enjoy it a lot. If you are younger and have never seen Rocky then I feel that this will be one of your favourite films of the year because you won’t see the similarities and just enjoy it the way people did Rocky in 1976. But if you are after something original then look elsewhere.

8 out of 10.


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