Just Cause 3 Review

Just Cause 3 is a really difficult game to review as there is a lot of fun to be had but frustrates just as much.


The possibilities seem endless and it is up to your creativity to decide how you are going to blow everything up on screen but the problem is after doing this a few times, you just become bored and want to get it over with. Destroying everything in sight while pulling off death defying stunts sounds incredible so what could be going wrong with the game?

Well the major problem I had was the frame rate dropped just as you are about to watch something amazing happening in front of your eyes it just takes your completely out of the action and lessens the excitement of all the explosions. So to avoid the slow down you start liberating towns and bases in conventional ways which is the worst thing to do as there are dozens and are all the same, leading to questions such as, ‘haven’t I done this town before?’

The open world might be massive which makes it even more of a shame that the towns are so similar and the things to do are so disappointingly limited. Yes, there are challenges and things but even these are boring and are only worth doing to upgrade Rico. Which brings us onto the characters and Rico seems to want to be like Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series but unfortunately he doesn’t have any charisma, saying very little during cut scenes and when he does open his mouth you wish he didn’t. Occasionally when liberating towns and blowing up things he does have some good one liners but you have probably turned some music on in the background by this point anyway as there is nothing to hear in the game.


In Rico’s defence though he is a lot more interesting then every other character in the game and even half way through you find yourself asking the question, ‘who is this and what are they actually doing?’. This makes the story forgettable and is clearly not the focus of the game as it is supposed to be having fun and the over the top action can make you laugh and put a smile on your face. As you go through the game you do get bigger and better weapons which make the explosions and effects look fantastic.

Just thinking about some of the things you can do in the game makes you want to tell your friends and play the game again but as soon as you boot the game back up, the problems come flooding back, as you watch the loading screen for minutes on end and the enemy AI is some of the most pathetic you will ever see. The strengths are massively undermined by the weaknesses and therefore it might be fun for a couple of hours but boredom will set in quickly. Apparently the PC version fixes a lot of the problems but I would still wait for this to be cheap to purchase.

6 out of 10.


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