Top 10 Playstation 1 Games

10 – PaRappa the Rapper

This action rhythm game follows the main character, Parappa, make his way through six stages by rapping. It is a very odd game but give it a chance and it is very addictive and you may just find yourself singing along to some of the songs.


9 – Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

The third game of the series made by Naughty Dog is easily the best after each game built on the last, ironing out problems of the previous entries and adding more and more to each release. The platform game has sold over 7 million copies.

Crash Bandicoot

8 – Street Fighter Alpha 3

If you just care about gameplay on fighting games then it could be argued this game is the perfect game and is yet to be bettered even by modern games. Highly addictive and this has to be in your collection if you love fighting games.

Street Fighter Alpha 3

7 – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Despite lower sales than a lot of games on this list, it certainly doesn’t disappoint when you jump into the shoes of protagonist Alucard. The 2D side scrolling style gives it a different feel to a lot of other Playstation games at the time.


6 – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Still arguably the best skateboarding game ever released with one of the best soundtracks on any game has made this a favourite among a lot of people. After playing this game a lot of the younger audiences decided to pick up a real skateboard.

Tony Hawks

5 – Tekken 3

The fifth best selling Playstation game of all time and the second fighting game on this list shows just how popular the genre was at the time. Deciding between Tekken and Street Fighter was always tough and it is a little sad that things aren’t the same.


4 – Silent Hill

One of the defining titles in the survival horror genre it has five different endings, including one joke ending and is one of the best experiences you can have on the original Playstation despite the limitations of the console. The atmosphere in the game is just fantastic.

Silent Hill

3 – Final Fantasy VII

One of the toughest decisions to make is which Final Fantasy is the best but VII just takes it and a lot of fans are happy to see the remake on the Playstation 4 after years of campaigning for it and can’t wait to play again.

Final Fantasy VII.png

2 – Resident Evil 2

The second instalment just made everything bigger and better than the first one and with two stories running at the same time there was a lot of replayability. Everything in the world just made it an amazing experience and everyone is hoping for a remake soon.

Resident Evil 2

1 – Metal Gear Solid

The greatest Playstation 1 game as it just produced an interesting storyline combined with fantastic characters, gameplay, music and graphics for the time. A lot of people would argue that this is the game that made them look at video games differently and made for adults.

Metal Gear Solid

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