Deadpool Review

Deadpool could be the comic book movie that changes perceptions of what a superhero film has to be and could impact the future.

Forget the Deadpool you may have seen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as that was just a terrible version of the character that should just be forgotten about. This is the real Deadpool that the fans of the comics wanted to see and will make those that haven’t read the comics understand the anger towards the first Deadpool we saw on the big screen. But is this one of the best comic book movies or does it fail in its attempts to satisfy the fans?Deadpool.png

Most critics have somewhat unexpectedly showered the film with praise and maybe that is because it didn’t quite have the same sort of budget that its fellow films have been given and must have caught people off guard. What is worth saying pretty quickly in any review of this film though is that it does not pander to family friendly audiences and is one that you should probably not watch with your children. There is graphic violence right from the very start, has a lot of sex scenes that are equally hilarious and inappropriate, plus there are a lot of sex jokes throughout.

This is what makes it so good though as at no point does it take itself seriously and lets the characters shine, particularly Ryan Reynolds, who was very keen on playing the role and has now got a character that will probably define his career. Just like Robert Downey JR as Iron Man it will be difficult to see anyone else playing the superhero. Reynolds comical timing is perfect and it helps that the main focus is on the jokes and him breaking the fourth wall and engaging with the audiences. The actor also has fantastic chemistry with all of his co-stars, especially Morena Baccarin, who is unfortunately underused but matches the main character in every scene she is in. T.J Miller also nails his role and has some of the funnier off the cuff lines in the film.

Ryan Reynolds.jpg

Director Tim Miller has done a superb job bringing the character to life and uses some inventive storytelling that goes back and forth in brilliant and unexpected ways. The action scenes are short, snappy, creatively violent and stylish which makes it never feel repetitive and the pacing is close to perfect. The only negative is that the plot is a little flimsy and unsubstantial with the villain not being memorable in the end but in the film’s defence the point of it is about the character and the jokes rather than the plot so it doesn’t bring it down too much.

Deadpool may have been released in February but this could be one of the biggest films of the year and rightly deserves all the praise it is getting. Just sit back and have an awesome time as there aren’t many dull moments. Fans won’t be disappointed.

9 out of 10.

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