Top 10 Playstation 3 Games

10 – Dark Souls

One of the most frustrating games and divisive games on this list as some people don’t understand the appeal of the franchise. But if you get into Dark Souls then it certainly is enjoyable in a sadistic way as you better prepare yourself for death after death.

Dark Souls

9 – Portal 2

Some people were unsure on whether Portal deserved a sequel and whether it could be a full length game. However, it proved to be a fantastic decision to bring out a full game and Stephen Merchant’s voice acting is superb. Very few games are funnier than this.

Portal 2

8 – Little Big Planet 2

The campaign and single player modes for this game are really good but what pushes this on to the next level is the content created by its users. Everything from platformer levels to first person shooters to remakes of old games are available in this.

Little Big Planet 2

7 – Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

This is probably a game that a lot of gamers may have missed out on but if given the chance then you should definitely have a try of it. The game’s animated sequences made by Studio Ghibli also make it impressive.

Ni No Kuni

6 – Metal Gear Solid 4

Yet another Metal Gear that makes a best of list but this is arguably one of the most debated of the series as it went down a slightly different route. Still a joy for fans of Hideo Kojima and ends the storyline of Solid Snake.

Metal gear Solid 4

5 – Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar might be better known for the Grand Theft Auto series but this is arguably up there with the best from the studio. A very fascinating storyline with one of the best and most surprising endings to a video game. John Marston is still a hero.

Red Dead Redemption

4 – Grand Theft Auto V

The bestselling video game of all time needs no introduction but it came very late in the life of the Playstation 3 and it got everything possible out of the console. The second Rockstar game on the list and this is just slightly the better.

Grand Theft Auto 5

3 – Uncharted 2

Nathan Drake has now became the face of Playstation and is an icon for the Playstation 3. Naughty Dog have a history of fantastic games and it is hard to argue with the quality of this game. In 2009 it won many Game of the Year awards.

Uncharted 2.jpg

2 – Journey

One of the most fascinating and beautifully stunning games released on the Playstation 3 and has evoked a lot of emotions in players as they go on their journey and meet with other players from around the world. Now released for the Playstation 4, definitely worth a try.


1 – The Last of Us

Naught Dog deserve a lot of praise for what they have done in this generation of gaming. The Last of Us is one of the best video games and has one of the best storylines told. The opening sequence tells you all about the game.

Last of Us

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