Making a Murderer Review

Making a Murderer has provoked a lot of conversation about the harrowing story of Steven Avery to discover whether he is actually innocent or guilty?

Netflix have done it again as the show possesses the hallmark quality of anything that works well on the platform and that is binge watching. The episodes are just so hard to stop watching as you need to find out the truth and want to know what is going to come out next. There has been uproar and it has made people talk about the case which wouldn’t have been possible without this documentary.

Making a Murderer.jpg

One thing that sets the show apart is that the producers don’t make an appearance and it tells the full story through interviews, court proceedings, news clips, telephone calls and video recordings and this was an interesting way to relay the facts. If documentaries are not really your thing then that should not put you off watching this as it doesn’t feel like a documentary as the approach is based on journalistic substance.

The episodes put even some of the best dramas to shame as you are easily swept up by the story and every single episode has you saying wow several times. If this has been fiction then you would have probably just blown this off and said no it isn’t believable anymore but because this is happening to a real person it makes you even more invested. Anyone that is into true crime must watch this full documentary as it will take over your life for a few days.

Despite all the positives and how people have reacted to it, it is also worthwhile to do further reading around the subject and do your homework about the actual facts of the case as the filmmakers clearly have an opinion and it is a slightly unbalanced argument. The approach is overwhelmingly in favour of the defendant and creates a real connection to the Avery family which will make a lot of people feel sympathy when maybe they shouldn’t.

Steven Avery.png

But the whole story does leave a bitter taste in your mouth and change the way you think about the law and how many people are in prison that aren’t actually guilty. The shock and disbelief can turn to anger and despair and it is hard to describe how moving it is.

It is certainly not a pleasant or uplifting experience but is a well told story, produced in a simple and clean way. It can get slightly exhausting due to the length of the episodes and the series on a whole and this does lead to confusing scenes and court scenes and explanations that get dragged on for too long.

This documentary should be shown by parents to their kids and teachers should show it to their students as it will teach them a lot and will open their eyes to the real world but it may be tough to take for some. Overall a fantastic documentary.

9 out of 10.


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