Triple 9 Review

Triple 9 grabbed a lot of people’s attention because of the cast and the director but did it get to everyone’s expectations?

One thing to take from this film is how much can an ending really impact the enjoyment the audience receives from watching it? Obviously the ending to a film is important but can it really take a film that has been good to poor in just a few scenes or even seconds? Well Triple 9’s ending has definitely split opinion and not in a good way and don’t worry there will be no spoilers to the ending in this review.

Triple 9.jpg

This dark and gritty cop thriller was never nearly made as the actors got chopped and changed a lot and from the original cast barely any made it to the final release. This could be part of the reason why it is a slightly patchy film but it is a very courageous effort and John Hillcoat does a very good job as he usually does in all his films. There are a lot of captivating and original set pieces throughout the films that are very gripping that will keep the attention of the audience, particularly the raid scene and the bank job at the start of the film.

The film despite the changes to its line-up definitely still has a strong cast and the main standouts are Aaron Paul and Anthony Mackie who are the best characters in the film. But be aware that if you didn’t enjoy Paul in Breaking Bad then you probably won’t enjoy him in this either as he pretty much plays Jesse Pinkman again, walking around lost with tears in his ears for a lot of it. Chiwetel Ejiofor also does a good job but there isn’t a lot of time to develop the characters with there being so many involved which is a shame as it means you don’t really get enough time to get attached to them properly. One character that got a little bit of criticism was Kate Winslet who wasn’t very intimidating and also confused the plot slightly as a lot of the audience had to work out who the mother of the child was. But it was a good effort from her to change her accent and play a different role to what you’d expect.

Aaron Paul

There are clear holes in the plot but there are some unpredictable twists that progress the movie and keep you interested. But this is what kills the film the most, as you look past the small plot holes but then the ending just ruins it. It was a puzzling ending that made the whole thing seem pointless, the events happened and each character suffered a fate and it just ended. The ordeals of the characters just came and went without any real emotion.

It certainly isn’t a bad film at all and it won’t take much convincing to go see it but it has a lot of wasted potential.

6 out of 10.


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