The Simpsons Season 7 Review

After re-watching The Simpsons Season 7 it made me realise how good the show was and how much it has gone downhill.

In this season there are some absolutely classic moments that most Simpsons fans will remember, my personal favourite from the whole season is when Moe is hooked up to the lie detector and after he is told he is free to go, he says he has a hot date, and I am sure you know where it goes from here.
This scene is from the second part of ‘Who Shot Mr Burns’ which I did enjoy as an episode and think it kicked off the season pretty well.

Season 7 is a very interesting one because it does touch on a lot of sensitive issues and it does it such a way where you get the sense that the writers and creators wanted to make people aware of these sorts of things but also put a comedy spin on them. Each of the main characters gets a different sort of issue. Bart has to deal with losing his soul after selling it to Milhouse and this touches on a lot religious issues. Homer also gets involved in many things such as anti immigrant laws and he doesn’t really understand much of it and maybe this is something that can be seen a lot in America these days and he also had an episode in which he gained weight so he could be called disabled and work from home. Another major issue they touch on is the problem of class and high society, Marge wants to be accepted into higher social circle but this means she has to change her priorities and the rest of the family have to act like something they are not. At the end of the episode they decide to go to Krusty Burger and the message behind the episode is do not try and be something you are not just to fit into a group of people.

This is also replicated in the final episode of the season with Lisa trying to change her personality to make friends while the Simpson family are away from home. At the end of the episode it turns out that they liked her because of the things she taught them and this was when she was mostly being herself. However, I am not a massive fan of this episode and thought it was quite a poor episode to end the season on. Another episode that I did not really enjoy was the Treehouse of Horror one and even though it showed Homer in the real world and had one of the better stories with a ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ parody, it is still one that I would skip.
The reason this season is so memorable is because of how many episodes have such great quotes in and it is impossible not to laugh over and over again. I would recommend getting this season to anyone that likes The Simpsons or for someone that doesn’t understand why the show was held in such high regard because they have only seen the newer episodes.

Scrubs Season 1 Review

Scrubs is one of my all time favourite TV shows and I have recently re-watched the first season.

In all these years it certainly hasn’t lost its magic as in my opinion you can’t help but fall in love with the characters as they all have such amazing energy and chemistry on screen together. The show follows doctors John Dorian (J.D, or one of his other nicknames Newbie or Bambi or even a random girls name), Turk and Elliot as they begin working at Sacred Heart Hospital. The thing that makes Scrubs so good is the fact that even though it is light hearted and has lots of jokes involved in every episode, there are also a lot of serious moments and questions that each of the three main characters face.

Other main characters in the show are Carla, Dr Cox and Dr Kelso and each of these add something extra in helping the main characters develop. Relationships are key and it only takes one or two episodes to buy into them and believe they are real. JD obviously is best friends with Turk, and almost straight away the audience realise that Dr Cox is his mentor and someone who he looks up to, while Carla takes him under his wing for the first few episodes while he is finding his feet. Finally, his relationship with Elliot is a little more complicated and in the episode ‘My Best Friend’s Mistake’ he realises he has a chance to kiss her but has to do it in a certain time before she over thinks the situation and he is stuck in the friend zone. They don’t end up kissing and afterwards they get into relationships with other characters.

Turk and Dr Cox’s relationship is very comical as Turk is Carla’s boyfriend and he finds out that Cox likes her and instead of calling him out, he keeps it hidden for almost the whole series. This leads to funny situations like when Cox is interested in a girl Turk is mentoring, he says to Cox ‘No you like Carla’ to which Cox replies with something like ‘Do you even listen to yourself’. The final relationship that is quite interesting is Elliot and Dr Kelso’s because Kelso tries to catch her out and put her down at every opportunity and she doesn’t really help herself at all.

Some of my favourite episodes that I think will help you decide whether you like the show are, ‘My Old Lady’ the fourth episode and it was very serious and proved that the show was going to be something special in my opinion and is certainly worth checking out.

‘My Blind Date’ – Is an episode where Dr Cox is trying to accomplish a ‘perfect game’ keeping all of his patients alive for 24 hours and has some very good moments between him and Elliot where she continually sticks her foot in her mouth. This episode shows that Dr Cox is one of the heroes of the show.

‘My Occurrence’ – guest stars Brendan Fraser, Dr Cox’s best friend and is followed up by ‘My Hero’. It shows how desperate JD is for good news and he will try anything to find it. The end of the episode can bring a tear to some people’s eyes and the follow up episode shows a much different side to Dr Cox.

‘My Last Day’ – The final episode ends brilliantly and makes you want to tune into the first episode of the next season with Jordan (Dr Cox’s ex wife) taking Cox’s advice and stirring things up by delivering a few home truths to the regular cast members.

I would give this season a 10/10 because it may not have the most laughs and if that is what you are looking for it may not be completely for you but it is certainly one of the most heart warming shows to ever be on TV. I haven’t even mentioned my two favourite things about it yet and that is Dr Cox’s rants, some of them are just brilliant and get across his points perfectly as well as being sarcastic and hilarious. Then there is the Janitor who just pops up at the right times to change the tone of the show as the audience know he is going to torment JD in some way. But in his defence at times JD does things to upset him like tipping over bins and knocking over the Christmas tree, although these things weren’t spiteful they just added fuel to the fire and his hatred grew more and more each episode.

Will comedy music become mainstream?

Comedy music can come in many different forms such as parodies of popular songs, novelty songs, comedy rock and comedy hip hop and is just seen as a bit of fun but is it now actually becoming something that a lot of people will listen to?

The Midnight Beast seem to have alerted everyone to their music with their TV show and are now starting to make an impact on the ITunes charts as well as getting praise from other artists. The group from London have been getting positive reactions from not only the general public but also the people that they are parodying. ‘Tik Tok Parody’ reached number 90 in the UK and even Ke$ha stated on her website that it was even better than her version. Surely then it is only a matter of time before they bring out a song that will go right near the top of the charts? On YouTube they have over 300,000 subscribers and and a combined 50 million views on their channel which just shows how popular the group are and now with their TV being out, I expect their album which is due out on the 13th August to be a massive success.

Stefan, Dru and Ashley are hoping to make it big in the UK

However, it is easy to say they will be a success and its clear people like their songs but that doesn’t mean people will want to pay for them. If they do need to loom somewhere for inspiration then Weird Al Yankovic is certainly someone that has made a living out of parodying songs and writing his own comedy songs as he has sold over 12 million albums and received four gold records and six platinum records in America.

‘Weird Al’ even reached the top 10 of the Billboard 200 in 2006 with his album ‘Straight Outta Lynwood’ with even the title of his album being a parody of N.W.A’s album ‘Straight Outta Compton’. Even the single ‘White & Nerdy’ (a parody of Ridin Dirty by Chamillionaire) reached number 9 and it just goes to show that comedy can make a mark on the charts.

The Lonely Island are probably the most similar to The Midnight Beast in America and they have had even more success some would argue than ‘Weird Al’ as they have collaborated with a lot of artists including T-Pain, Akon, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Natalie Portman. These are some huge artists in the world of music, with the exception of Portman who is an actress. They, like The Midnight Beast first started off on YouTube but they have quickly grown into a well known group all around the world.

There are plenty more examples of music being influenced by comedy, for example, Tenacious D use a lot of jokes in their songs and they in my opinion would fit into the bracket of comedy rock along with Bloodhound Gang (although they are less ‘rock’). The list does go on and they are getting huge numbers of hits on YouTube like Flight of the Conchords.

That could be part of the problem though people want to have a laugh listening to their songs but do they really want it to come on whilst listening to their iPod on shuffle? My guess would be no and that is why it is difficult just to focus on the music and a lot of the ‘singers’ have to do other things such as TV work or even just be a comedian and use music in their work such as Bo Burnham and Tim Minchin.

The Simpsons season 3 review

The Simpsons Season 3 provides many moments of laughter and is one of the best in the complete history of the Simpsons. Homer and Bart provide most of the laughs but also in this series other characters such as Otto, Sideshow Bob and Mr Burns have very funny roles to play.

Season 3 contains probably my favourite episode which is ‘Homer at the Bat’ which shows Homer playing for the Nuclear Power Plant softball team only to be replaced by professional players. My favourite line in the whole series is in this episode and I’m not even 100% sure why but it is when Smithers says to Burns that he will get the team together and make the pros play and as he is leaving Burns says to him, ‘And Smithers you have 24 hours.’ It makes me laugh every time just because it makes no sense and it’s not even clear why he says it as the team doesn’t need to be together within the next 24 hours.

The season has many guests on the show including Michael Jackson and Danny DeVito who play interesting characters. Michael Jackson plays Leon Kompowsky who is in the mental hospital that Homer gets sent to for wearing a pink shirt to work in the episode ‘Stark Raving Dad.’ The episode ends with Kompowsky helping Bart to write a song for Lisa’s birthday. When he comes home with Homer he is not greeted by the town as would be expected but this is because he is a big, fat, bald white man. It is a very good episode to start the series off. DeVito joins the cast for a second time to play Herb Powell, Homer’s half brother. He comes back into the Simpsons lives when he gets an idea that will make him rich again (Homer crippled him the first time they met by making a car that flopped and forced him to sell his business and home)

The series has some emotional scenes in too as in the episode containing Herb it shows him and Homer reuniting and it finishes with Herb saying that they can call each other brothers once again after previously stating that he had no brother. Another time of reconciliation is when Krusty and his father forgive each other and learn to accept each other, therefore this seems like a common theme running through the series. Elsewhere in the series it tackles issues such as corruption in politics in the episode ‘Mr Lisa Goes To Washington’ where Lisa catches a senator making a shady deal to cut down the forest in Springfield and changes her speech at a competition which alerts the authorities and they stop the senator.

The return of Sideshow Bob was also a good inclusion in his attempt to kill Selma but in that episode the funniest moment is when Bart has to try to explain what is going on to Homer four times and he still doesn’t understand even though Bart is using every prop available to show him. The Treehouse of Horror episode was ok in this series but I’m not a huge fan of these anyway but it provides adequate laughs. Other than that I think this is one of the greatest Simpsons seasons there is to date because you can take any episode from it and find a favourite moment. This season also gives us a look into Homer and Marge’s past which is interesting in itself as it shows some of the problems young couples have when they are about to have a baby.

I would give this season a 10 out of 10 due to the fact that it doesn’t matter how many times you watch these episodes they never get old and its worth remembering that they were brought in 1992 and are still funny to this day.

Friday- Movie Review

The film Friday is a comedy starring the always energetic Chris Tucker and Ice Cube and is one of the most underrated, under watched films ever. It will have you laughing for most of the film but also has a deeper meaning to the film, making references to problems in urban neighbourhoods all around America.

The story starts with Craig (Ice Cube) losing his job at work, surprisingly on his day off! The film references this many times throughout the film and it creates some of the funniest moments in the film. Craig allegedly stole some boxes from work and when telling his best friend Smokey (Tucker), his friend replies, ‘What the fuck you doing stealing boxes’ and ‘You gotta be a stupid motherfucker to get fired on your day off.’

To solve their boredom the best friends chill out on their front porch and smoke weed while encountering many people which the director made perfectly as it seemed like these people that were introduced were like regulars on television shows because he cleverly but subtly included little pieces of information about these people without making them introduce themselves, for example even before we have seen Deebo we know he is basically playing the bully in the street as Smokey and Craig remove all their jewellery and hide any belongings he could take.

The story of the film is pretty weak and not a lot happens but then again not much does in any stoner comedies but there are many laughs and it’s a film to watch with a group of friends rather than with your girlfriend or parents. It is most definitely aimed at a male audience but I believe most people that watch this film will see that it is not trying to offend anyone and all the jokes are light hearted.

However, it does have a serious side to the film as it tries to tackle what life can be like in these sorts of neighbourhoods. When Craig’s dad (John Witherspoon) talks to him about how using a gun does not make you a man it has tried to appeal to young black men who are in gangs. ‘Kids too quick to pick up a gun, they scared of taking an ass whipping,’ although it is said in a comedy way, the message is still there and throughout the film Craig mentions that he is using the gun for protection but at the end of the film when he is fighting Deebo he decides to be a man and instead of shooting him he gives his dad the gun.

Another problem the film tries to tackle is men hitting women as Craig stands up for Debbie who was actually standing up for her sister because both of them got hit by Deebo and Craig tells Deebo you can’t hit women no matter what they have done.

The film has fantastic jokes and has a very well chosen cast which is surprising as Ice Cube previous to this had acted in the much more serious Boyz N The Hood played the role of Craig in a likeable way with charm and believability add this to Chris Tucker and his ability to turn any sentence virtually into a line of comedy gold and you have a winning combination

A lot can go down between Thursday and Saturday and this film proves that.