The Forest Review

The Forest could have one of the best backstories to any horror film, using the Aokigahara as the main setting.

Known to the Japanese as the ‘Suicide Forest’ it certainly does provide a lot of history and it is well worth doing your research on the place before watching the film and it could make it scarier, as there are a lot of stories to be told. With Natalie Dormer as the lead, with the Game of Thrones behind her, it had a lot of potential but does the film actually use all this history and genuine scares to its advantage or not?

The Forest 2

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Triple 9 Review

Triple 9 grabbed a lot of people’s attention because of the cast and the director but did it get to everyone’s expectations?

One thing to take from this film is how much can an ending really impact the enjoyment the audience receives from watching it? Obviously the ending to a film is important but can it really take a film that has been good to poor in just a few scenes or even seconds? Well Triple 9’s ending has definitely split opinion and not in a good way and don’t worry there will be no spoilers to the ending in this review.

Triple 9.jpg

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Deadpool Review

Deadpool could be the comic book movie that changes perceptions of what a superhero film has to be and could impact the future.

Forget the Deadpool you may have seen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as that was just a terrible version of the character that should just be forgotten about. This is the real Deadpool that the fans of the comics wanted to see and will make those that haven’t read the comics understand the anger towards the first Deadpool we saw on the big screen. But is this one of the best comic book movies or does it fail in its attempts to satisfy the fans?Deadpool.png

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Spotlight Review

Spotlight is a film that will certainly make you think about a lot of things and might change your opinions on certain subjects.

Although this film is based on real events and things that actually happened all around the world sometimes when it is seen on a film rather than in the news it hits home more. This Oscar nominated film will go down as one of the best investigative news dramas ever and certainly deserves all the praise it has been getting. But the big question is, what makes this film so good to watch?


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Ride Along Review

With Ride Along 2 out at the cinemas at the moment it seems like a good time to go back to the first film.

Many people were surprised to see that this film got a sequel because it didn’t go down with fans and critics as well as they might have hoped. But now looking back at the first film, is it worth watching and should you spend your hard earned money to go see the second?

Ride Along.jpg

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Requiem for a Dream Review

Requiem for a Dream is one of the most interesting films I have seen in my life and I would recommend everyone to watch once.

Requiem for a dream

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Creed Review

Creed could be the film that catapults the Rocky franchise into the modern day and gives the old fans something to enjoy.

For a 7th instalment in a film series it is a decent effort to draw new fans into the franchise and will no doubt lead to many more sequels in the future. But a big question that audiences will have to ask themselves is whether they want to see more Rocky (despite him not being the main character) and also how much can boxing films offer these days that others haven’t done in the past.

For me, it definitely exceeds expectations and a fan of the Rocky films should definitely go see this film. Unfortunately it will not please everyone that goes as they will see this as a rehash of the original films and offers nothing new. The director, Ryan Coogler does capture the tone of the originals and it is definitely a love letter to them films, however yet again the problem with that is some scenes can be far too familiar and is certainly not an original plot.


The main character, Adonis Creed, played by Michael B Jordan does a fantastic job in my opinion and many will feel that his charm and talent throughout the film might have just given him an Oscar nomination. He is truly captivating throughout and is a likeable actor but maybe the reason why he didn’t get a nomination was that he was slightly overshadowed by Sylvester Stallone who was back again as Rocky Balboa. Rocky will always be Stallone’s best character and after the fairly average ‘Rocky Balboa’ this was certainly a return to form and arguably this is the best performance of his career.

Fight scenes are always crucial in any boxing film and they are masterfully directed and you really feel the weight of the punches and also the training scenes (yet again, pretty much copied from the originals) are entertaining and show how much effort goes into training for a big fight. When the film focused on Rocky and Creed it was a better film as the relationship between Creed and his girlfriend Bianca fell flat and was underwhelming and offered very little. But in future instalments it could lead to more interesting plots.

Creed Rocky

One plot point that I felt was disappointingly underused was the character of Mary Anne Creed who could have been so interesting and added more of a story but they obviously decided to go for a love story rather than more history of the Rocky universe.

If you are a Rocky fan and just want to see more of the same then you will have a great time and will enjoy it a lot. If you are younger and have never seen Rocky then I feel that this will be one of your favourite films of the year because you won’t see the similarities and just enjoy it the way people did Rocky in 1976. But if you are after something original then look elsewhere.

8 out of 10.

The Revenant Review

The Revenant could be the movie that finally gets Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar win for Best Actor but will this be the case?

DiCaprio has been desperate to win the award and after several attempts to try and get the gold it is now looking like the wait is over, despite strong competition from Bryan Cranston, Matt Damon, Michael Fassbender and Eddie Redmayne, he is the current favourite after picking up the Golden Globe for his role as Hugh Glass.


So how was the movie?

First thing that needs to be made important is that you have to go into this movie with the right expectations, if you are expecting an action revenge thriller, you will be disappointed and won’t enjoy it for what it actually is. But if you go into it with an open mind and watch the film unfold it will be a thrill ride like no other that captures the beauty and devastation of nature.

The director, Alejandro Inarritu, does a fantastic job creating a story with such harrowing circumstances but somehow makes the world beautiful and some of the images shown are simply breathtaking and make you understand how nature can be so peaceful but at the same time violent. The way he portrays survival, death and quick acts of violence are excellent but a criticism of the film is that at some points it was dragged out slightly too long.

Another criticism of the film could also be the revenge plot as it seemed like an afterthought just to give the film a structure and ways to show off the beauty in nature. The plot is certainly not the reason to watch the film but the characters are fantastic and very well played but somewhat refreshing is that the main character is not one of the actors, but nature itself. At times it feels like you could be watching a documentary as the world moves around the characters, with the bear attack being a highlight.

This should not detract from the amazing performance put in by DiCaprio who does not speak much in the film but puts his all in. His actions are the main focus of the film as we see his struggle to survive which he performs brilliantly. Tom Hardy should also not go unnoticed as I believe this is his best performance to date with his brutal and gritty portrayal of Fitzgerald. However, it is on the odd occasion difficult to understand him, and it can be frustrating when he slightly loses his accent. A special shout out also has to go to Will Poulter, who is a real star in the making.

Revenant Hardy

I would definitely recommend this film but for me it falls into the same category as ‘Requiem for a Dream’ I think everyone should give it a watch but I can’t explain why, it needs to be watched because of its realism and grittiness and the feeling of this could happen to you or someone you know.

8 out of 10.

Body Of Lies- Movie Review

(Warning Spoilers)

Working in a job can be frustrating especially when your boss is doing things behind your back which is jeopardising your position or in Leonardo DiCaprio’s case his actual life. Body Of Lies is a spy thriller starring DiCaprio and Russell Crowe and takes an interesting look at how America is dealing with terrorist problems all around the world.

You can see why DiCaprio got this role as he is basically playing a very similar role to the one he played in the brilliant film The Departed. He is very clever, and knows exactly what is going on as he is right there in the action, feeling the emotions around the country whereas his boss Crowe is making decisions without knowing what is really going on as Ferris (DiCaprio) makes a deal with Hani (Mark Strong), the head of security in Jordan to let him know everything that is going on in exchange for man power and help with other things. But Hoffman (Crowe) screws this up and causes friction between Hani and Ferris by making decisions without consulting Ferris and therefore Hani thinks he is lying to him and keeping him in the dark which was Hani’s only stipulation in agreeing to the deal.

Al-Saleem is the man they are all trying to catch as he has been setting off bombs all around Europe and is planning to attack American next. Ferris shows his brilliance after being kicked out of the country by Hani for allegedly betraying him, when he hatches a plan to create a fake terrorist group so he can make Al-Saleem make contact with this group, only it would be the CIA they were making contact with. This plan backfires as when he is invited back to Jordan, he actually does lie to Hani and says he has not idea about it.

During his time in the country he meets Aisha a local nurse who treats him and he begins to have feelings for her. This could have ultimately led to his downfall as she gets taken and when he asks Hani for help he confesses he knew about the fake terrorist group and therefore Hani refuses to help him, and he has to swap his life for Aisha’s. The torture scene on Ferris is very well done with it being not too gory but it shows the pain and anguish that some people have been through.

The film is very cleverly done all the way through as at times it is a political thriller with social meaning to it then in the next moment it changes to an action thriller and what makes Ridley Scott so brilliant is that he does it without it seeming stupid and hasn’t just thrown in a piece of action to keep some members of the audience interested.

Leonardo DiCaprio proves yet again that he is a brilliant actor in this film as he is very likeable and he adapts to any role really well. He can speak fluent Arabic and from watching the film you get the feeling he has done a lot of research into the area and what he is portraying. Russell Crowe also puts in a good performance as he plays someone that most people will hate straight from the off but what makes it such a convincing performance is that while he is basically being a bad guy he is also doing every day things with his children which is trying to show that even the most powerful people in the world make decisions that could get a lot of people killed they have to carry on with their life as normal. Also, Mark Strong deserves credit as everything about his performance seems to suggest that he could actually be doing this as his real job rather than just acting it, he knows he has to make allies but also knows who to trust and this is why he takes a liking to Ferris rather than Hoffman.

A very good film, with some strong political messages so I would give this film an 8 out of 10.

Friday- Movie Review

The film Friday is a comedy starring the always energetic Chris Tucker and Ice Cube and is one of the most underrated, under watched films ever. It will have you laughing for most of the film but also has a deeper meaning to the film, making references to problems in urban neighbourhoods all around America.

The story starts with Craig (Ice Cube) losing his job at work, surprisingly on his day off! The film references this many times throughout the film and it creates some of the funniest moments in the film. Craig allegedly stole some boxes from work and when telling his best friend Smokey (Tucker), his friend replies, ‘What the fuck you doing stealing boxes’ and ‘You gotta be a stupid motherfucker to get fired on your day off.’

To solve their boredom the best friends chill out on their front porch and smoke weed while encountering many people which the director made perfectly as it seemed like these people that were introduced were like regulars on television shows because he cleverly but subtly included little pieces of information about these people without making them introduce themselves, for example even before we have seen Deebo we know he is basically playing the bully in the street as Smokey and Craig remove all their jewellery and hide any belongings he could take.

The story of the film is pretty weak and not a lot happens but then again not much does in any stoner comedies but there are many laughs and it’s a film to watch with a group of friends rather than with your girlfriend or parents. It is most definitely aimed at a male audience but I believe most people that watch this film will see that it is not trying to offend anyone and all the jokes are light hearted.

However, it does have a serious side to the film as it tries to tackle what life can be like in these sorts of neighbourhoods. When Craig’s dad (John Witherspoon) talks to him about how using a gun does not make you a man it has tried to appeal to young black men who are in gangs. ‘Kids too quick to pick up a gun, they scared of taking an ass whipping,’ although it is said in a comedy way, the message is still there and throughout the film Craig mentions that he is using the gun for protection but at the end of the film when he is fighting Deebo he decides to be a man and instead of shooting him he gives his dad the gun.

Another problem the film tries to tackle is men hitting women as Craig stands up for Debbie who was actually standing up for her sister because both of them got hit by Deebo and Craig tells Deebo you can’t hit women no matter what they have done.

The film has fantastic jokes and has a very well chosen cast which is surprising as Ice Cube previous to this had acted in the much more serious Boyz N The Hood played the role of Craig in a likeable way with charm and believability add this to Chris Tucker and his ability to turn any sentence virtually into a line of comedy gold and you have a winning combination

A lot can go down between Thursday and Saturday and this film proves that.