Arctic Monkeys have changed a lot since their debut album

Arctic Monkeys performed a Beatles classic at the Olympic Opening Ceremony in ‘Come Together’ in front of Sir Paul McCartney and this must be a massive moment for the band.

All four of their studio albums have reached number 1 in the UK

It was a very good cover of the song and nobody should be surprised that they were able to pull it off as they have showcased their talents for many years and performed a number of different songs. With their sound changing slightly throughout each album, choosing to do this song may have been challenging but achievable as they didn’t really have to change much and could do it as a straight cover. The band do seem to enjoy doing covers as they have participated in BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge a few times and performed one of the more interesting covers when they decided to do Girls Aloud’s ‘Love Machine’.

They were always destined for great things but they may not have thought they would be performing in front of The Queen at such a massive event that the whole world would see. Their debut album ‘Whatever People Say I am That’s What I’m Not’ was fantastic and is still the fast selling debut album and has been hailed as a modern classic so they were always going to be successful but they achieved it in their own way. Alex Turner was clearly aware of everything that was going on around him and could fit it all into the lyrics, ranging for prostitutes in the Sheffield area in the brilliant number one single ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ to the drama and familiarity of being in a relationship in ‘Mardy Bum’. All of the lyrics seem come off as his past experiences and his thoughts and feelings which give it more depth and the storytelling more engaging. They even sing about the state of affairs in a town and how much things have changed over the years with their being more love and dedication to a local football team than anything else. One of the biggest compliments you could give the lyrics is that they paint a picture that is instantly recognisable to a lot of people in the UK, in particular the song ‘A Certain Romance’ which is slightly different to the rest as it is a slightly slower song as opposed to the guitar led, jumping around sounds of some of their other songs.

This debut album achieved number one in the UK and somewhat surprisingly number 24 on the Billboard 200 in America. It is not because of the actual music that I am surprised by this but the fact that Turner didn’t try and hide his Yorkshire accent and used some slang words in the songs that many Americans may not have understood. But, it does appeal to a wide audience with the riffs having a punk feel to them and it being placed as more of an indie sound will certainly have attracted many listeners from different genres.

This was just the beginning for the band and with their recent albums you can see how they have grown and matured more as this album does have a heavy focus on going out on a Saturday night, looking at girls, ultimately getting turned down and getting into fights while waiting for a taxi. They have made different music now but as they say themselves, ‘There’s only music so that there’s new ringtones.

Akon- Freedom Album Review

Some bands and artists try to change their style slightly to get new fans while keeping their older one happier.

Akon has had two number one singles in the UK

This is what R&B and hip hop artist Akon tried to do with his third album ‘Freedom’ and looking at the sales figures and how well he did in the charts it seems like his change in style worked and it was a good album. After being released in December 2008, the album reached number six in the UK Album Charts and number seven on the Billboard 200 but I think that is basically because a lot of people will have bought this album hoping for more of the same from Akon. Straightaway, there is a more dance feel to the album and is obviously very different to his first two albums as it was his first album that didn’t carry a Parental Advisory warning.

So onto the album itself, it is very easy to listen to when you are doing something else but in my opinion this is a bad thing for it because it doesn’t make you take any notice of it and you sort of forget you are listening to music. Akon is a clever writer but this album feels like he hasn’t put in much effort and his usually good hooks are missing so he has let himself down here. Another thing that makes this album poor is the fact that the first two songs are the best ones and I can imagine after the first two songs are played people will just turn it off or go back to the start which is a very wise decision.

In his defence ‘Right Now (Na Na Na) is a very catchy tune and is simple so it is easy to see why a lot of people liked this song. However, for his fans this will have been something strange to them as they may have been expecting more songs like ‘Smack That’. The change from rap to pop is quite a big leap and I know it isn’t a nice thing to say but Akon lost a bit of his edge when he stopped rapping about his past convictions and started singing about getting back together with his partner etc.

Most of the songs are poor but the song ‘Sunny Day’ featuring Wyclef Jean stuck out for me but that is only because Jean really stands out and is amazing because he is clearly a talented man yet he doesn’t overshadow Akon and makes him sound better.

I have slated this album quite a lot but to be honest I could pick out any pop stars album and see that they aren’t very good either which makes me wonder why they sell out big tours and their albums get near to the top of the charts. Pop artists and maybe even more now R&B stars focus on singles rather than albums as they know that if they put out one or two good songs people will buy their albums and come see them live. ‘Freedom’ leaves you feeling empty and this is a real shame as Akon is a decent singer but he uses a lot of effects which makes you realise he’s not confident he can pull off this style of music for a full album.

I think this is where music is going downhill because the bands that are producing good albums and putting in effort in every song are not getting the recognition in the singles charts which means that a lot of people won’t have heard of them or even if they have, they may be reluctant to pay for their albums.

Linkin Park- Living Things Album Review

Linkin Park continue to be one of the most unique bands in the world selling over 50 million albums worldwide and aren’t afraid to try out new genres.

No matter what they try it never seems like they are out of their depth, with the talents of Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda it is easy to see why they are so successful. It is difficult to pigeonhole the band into a specific genre for a number of reasons. In their early albums, it was more a case of alternative metal with a lot of rap and hip hop elements but with Joe Hahn on the turntables it gave it a more electronic feel at times. To me, they are so unique simply because they aren’t standing still and want to progress further and make new sounds, they clearly love what they are doing and are experimenting with new sounds all the time. All of their albums will divide opinions even amongst their own fans who may have hoped for one thing and got another, for example, if you loved Linkin Park because of Shinoda’s rapping then ‘Minutes to Midnight’ wouldn’t have been that enjoyable seen as though it only had two songs on in which he was rapping.

So what does their latest album offer? To me they have moved even further away from the metal genre as they continue to work more on their electronic sound however to me it is the bigger and louder choruses that make the difference in the album ‘Living Things’. The song ‘Victimized’ is a brilliant song which showcases a slightly different style they have gone for, drummer Rob Bourdon is sublime in this song and could easily overshadow everyone else in this song. Shinoda’s rapping isn’t too complicated and is reasonably laid back and the first verse is quite slow but then it does burst into life during the chorus when Bennington is screaming the word, victimized.

I am one of the fans that prefers their songs with Shinoda rapping as it sometimes seems a little bland without him even with all of their electronic sounds. The two songs that impressed me most were ‘Lies, Greed, Misery’ and ‘Until it Breaks’, they are both led by Shinoda who’s rapping skills are impressive especially in ‘Until it Breaks’ however this song is slightly let down by Bennington as it seems to me like they just wanted him involved somehow and I feel like it could have just been shortened instead of filling up parts of the song with him singing.

The album is closer to ‘Hybrid Theory’ than their last two albums because it is more energetic and angry and this is highlighted by the fact it is under 37 minutes long and no song is over four minutes while four are under three. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 as well as the UK album chart so the fans are clearly willing to listen to their experimentations and uniqueness and I think a huge reason for this is simply because you never quite know what to expect and how many other artists or bands can you say that about?