Sheffield Wednesday sack Gary Megson

The Sheffield Wednesday fans must be distraught after hearing the news that manager Gary Megson has been sacked, especially when they beat city rivals Sheffield United in their previous game.

He was a fans favourite because of his history with the club and you could see his passion and determination to succeed with Wednesday, he even admitted himself that he is a better manager than League 1 and this was the only job he would drop down to do. His style of football wasn’t the most expansive but the fans didn’t care and the long ball game was sending the club in the right direction. Yes, chairman Milan Mandaric probably did want automatic promotion this season but you have to take other things into consideration, when he took over he inherited a team with a lot of players that did not really care for the club and only wanted to pick up their pay cheque. But he has instilled a sense of belief and willingness to perform in front of thousands of Wednesday fans every week.

The goal celebration from Chris O’Grady against the Blades shows that the players were right behind him and wanted him to continue. Player power is a big thing in football now and over the years that has been a lot of discontent but this team all seemed to be pulling in the same direction and Megson was spearheading this and the squad was following his lead. This filtered down to the fans who affectionately called him the Ginger Mourinho and everything seemed right at Hillsborough but this sacking may have a detrimental effect on their season if they choose the wrong man to replace him.

Milan Mandaric will not be the most liked person in Sheffield today and there will be people that call for him to sell up and leave but he did save the club and if he thinks that the club aren’t performing how they should be, then he has the right to sack the manager. One thing you do need as a chairman is the fans on your side and communication with the supporters has improved dramatically since he took charge. However, this is not saying a lot as it has been very poor for a number of years now. His decision to put a Wednesdayite in charge was seen as a master stoke as he kept on pleasing the fans but it is a disgrace that Megson wasn’t even allowed a full season in charge, the team are in the playoffs and could possibly finish in the automatic places. I hope he know what he is doing or it could be another year in League 1 and yet more money out of his own pocket.

Megson deserves a lot of praise as he always conducted himself properly no matter if the team won, lost or drew and it is a great credit to him for that. But looking at the other side he did so much for Wednesday, he reduced a massive wage bill and got rid of a lot of deadwood and brought in a squad that was capable of promotion which it clearly wasn’t when he arrived. Finances are crucial in football and I thought of all people Mandaric would have understood this but obviously third isn’t good enough for him.

I hope Megson gets back into football and does a good job somewhere else because he is a very capable manager. In my opinion, you do not sack a manger that has his team in the playoffs no matter what but if Wednesday end up getting promoted then the new manager will be praised and will be a fans favourite himself which just shows how quickly football progresses.