Top 10 House Episodes

10 – Autopsy (Season 2 Episode 2)

A nine year old girl with terminal cancer is admitted to the hospital after suffering from hallucinations. With the cancer in remission, there is no way the hallucinations are connected. After a procedure which Wilson describes as a ‘Lottery Shot’ the girl teaches House he should enjoy life more.


9 – Everybody Dies (season 8 Episode 22)

The final episode looks back at House’s relationships with colleagues and ‘friends’ as he has to decide whether he wants to keep going with his life or give up. House had previously saved a heroin addict and now that same man is dead next to him in a burning building.

Everybody Dies

8 – Euphoria: Part 2 (season Episode 21)

With Foreman fearing for his life and taking drastic action, the team know they must work quickly or the doctor will suffer the same fate as the police officer. With his father by his side Foreman begins to say his goodbyes and tries to make peace with Cameron.


7 – No Reason (Season 2 Episode 24)

While trying to diagnose a patient, House is attacked and shot twice by a former patient’s husband. While House is being treated he must share his room with the man that shot him and learns why the man was angry with him. However, everything is not as it seems.

No Reason

6 – Help Me (season 6 Episode 21)

After an accident involving a crane, House treats a woman named Hanna who is in a similar predicament to one that he was in. With Cuddy and Wilson moving on with their lives, House is stuck in the same place as always, alone, so is his only option to relapse?

Help Me

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