Evra vs Suarez or more accurately Good vs Evil

Well for anyone that defended Luis Suarez, they must be pretty embarrassed because he has let everyone down including his manager who has stood by him for weeks now. He refused to shake Patrice Evra’s hand and then looked disgusted as Rio Ferdinand refused to shake his. Racism is a horrible part of society and we need to get rid of it but young people especially copy their idols and when they watch Luis Suarez racially abuse someone and then not even apologise to the opposition player is not what a role model should be doing.

I now have massive respect for Evra because he actually put out his hand even when he could have refused like other players have in the past. Yes, Suarez scored but who cares, being a decent human being is far more important than being a good footballer and the Uruguayan clearly has no respect and I think Kenny Dalglish has to take some blame for this because he has been acting as an enabler to him and he should look at himself and I hope he realises that he is in the wrong and in the next transfer window gets rid of him because he is not needed in the Premier League. We do want the best players in the Premier League but I would rather see an average hardworking player than a racist moaning person like Suarez.

The fans of Liverpool also need to look at themselves because they backed Suarez and even bought t-shirts with his name on it and wore them with pride and then in the weeks that followed young Tom Adeyemi was racially abused by some fans that were wearing them shirts. You could see how distressed he was in the FA Cup game and this is not fair, the player has done nothing wrong, all he wanted to do was get the ball back and give it to his goalkeeper. But, they were just following their idol and they should have more sense but if they see their heroes doing it and effectively getting away with it, they must think that it’s not such a bad thing.

The FA have also been terrible in this situation as an eight game ban is not long enough for a criminal offence, he broke the law yet he still gets to play in our league. I do wonder what the Liverpool players think about the whole thing because they have to play with him and surely they can’t be happy with his actions at all.

The last man to leave the pitch at fulltime was Patrice Evra and yes he was celebrating infront of Suarez and maybe he should have been the bigger man but in my eyes this victory was like a battle between good and evil. Yet again, the good side prevailed and I have never been more happy about a Manchester United victory.

No offence to Liverpool but I hope they fail this season and every other season they have Suarez because the Premier League has set such high standards and he is lowering them. Racism still happens in this country and football should be helping to try and get rid of the problem.

I am not saying Evra is a saint and I’m not really saying Suarez is evil but racism definitely is and there should be no place for it in this world