An Interesting Artist, King Charles – LoveBlood Review

When you think of King Charles you will probably think of a monarch from the 17th century and not an artists from 2012 but that is exactly who brought out an album this year.

Charles Costa, refers to himself as King Charles and even dresses like he is from the 17th century while performing so from the off you can tell this guy is very quirky and his music backs up this thought. He uses so many different genres at times that it is difficult to keep track on what he is going to do next, but one thing is certain, whatever he tries to do he usually makes it very upbeat and about love.

The theme of love runs right throughout the interesting album, ‘LoveBlood’ and is usually about attractive girls that may just be out of reach for him, but he gives a certain energy to every track that still makes it quite uplifting and even when the lyrics aren’t about positive things, he still manages to seem happy. So, if you are looking for an album that is simply fun to listen to and you can deal with the many uses of metaphors and other techniques to create imagery then this would be a perfect album for you. The album starts with, ‘LoveBlood’ which has a very summery feel to it but combines this with some heavier guitar sounds so it cannot be simply put into a specific genre. The album follows this up with, ‘Mississippi Isabel’ which is a song I would start at if you wanted to get to know a bit more about King Charles because it just shows how easily he can entice you into his lyrics and within one play you are already singing along with the chorus. There are clearly some folk influences in his work with this song and when you listen to this song and close your eyes, you could easily be somewhere hot and without a care in the world.

This album is a very bold attempt to try and blend many different genres and the song ‘Bam Bam’ is a high energy song that could have been heard in a disco back in the day and has a very party feel about it. Simply put this song just makes you want to get up and dance to it and sing along with him. But straight after this he shows yet again that he is not afraid to mix it up even more with ‘Polar Bear’ and ‘Lady Percy’ with the latter definitely having reggae and gospel influences to it. ‘Ivory Road’ is another song that caught my attention because of its acoustic sound combined with fast paced lyrics, so if you have been a fan of Ed Sheeran then I think you will like this song.

I think he is impossible to hate just because you will end up singing along to every song on the album. So, if you like catchy music with romantic lyrics and something that is just generally a bit silly then King Charles is definitely for you.