Top 10 House Episodes

10 – Autopsy (Season 2 Episode 2)

A nine year old girl with terminal cancer is admitted to the hospital after suffering from hallucinations. With the cancer in remission, there is no way the hallucinations are connected. After a procedure which Wilson describes as a ‘Lottery Shot’ the girl teaches House he should enjoy life more.


9 – Everybody Dies (season 8 Episode 22)

The final episode looks back at House’s relationships with colleagues and ‘friends’ as he has to decide whether he wants to keep going with his life or give up. House had previously saved a heroin addict and now that same man is dead next to him in a burning building.

Everybody Dies

8 – Euphoria: Part 2 (season Episode 21)

With Foreman fearing for his life and taking drastic action, the team know they must work quickly or the doctor will suffer the same fate as the police officer. With his father by his side Foreman begins to say his goodbyes and tries to make peace with Cameron.


7 – No Reason (Season 2 Episode 24)

While trying to diagnose a patient, House is attacked and shot twice by a former patient’s husband. While House is being treated he must share his room with the man that shot him and learns why the man was angry with him. However, everything is not as it seems.

No Reason

6 – Help Me (season 6 Episode 21)

After an accident involving a crane, House treats a woman named Hanna who is in a similar predicament to one that he was in. With Cuddy and Wilson moving on with their lives, House is stuck in the same place as always, alone, so is his only option to relapse?

Help Me

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House Season 8 Review

House season 8 was the final one of the show and it had some very good moments and in some ways lived up to expectations.
After season 7 finished it took me a very long time to get round to watching the final season because I just really did not enjoy it that much and felt that it was a very good decision to finish the show soon after. So I got my wish and I thought the start was interesting enough seeing House in a completely different environment but still dealing with everything as if it is a puzzle. During the early episodes we were introduced to a new character Dr Jessica Adams and she is very similar to Cameron in the earlier seasons in my opinion because she has problems away from the hospital that she has to try and deal with. She recognises that House can bring her potential out as a doctor and that is why she is willing to follow him.
Dr Adams
We are given another new character that joins the team early on in the season and Park was brilliant in my eyes because she had some incredibly funny scenes, especially with Chase. So, along with Taub the team was once again back together and one thing I learned from this season is that the show would not work without House being there full time because when he wasn’t there and it was just the team dealing with the cases they were nowhere near as interesting and even though I loved all of the characters there needed to be something extra and it would get boring without House.

This leads into the fact that House was unavailable a lot especially towards the end and a lot of it seemed to be gearing towards a big finish. A problem I had with this final season is it seemed to meander towards the end and barring one or two episodes nothing of note really happened until the last four episodes. Although saying that for me one of the best episodes of the whole show was when the show lacked a little direction and it followed Chase round mostly for the episode because of events of the previous episode and it really did connect with me and it was amazingly put together. However, the only problem with this episode is that it was a fantastic stand alone episode but it was largely forgotten about a few episodes later.

Onto the final storyline and I am glad they went the way they did with it because the show was largely about House and Wilson they had been together the most and all of the other characters left at some point and Wilson was always the one left. Us as viewers invested a lot of time in these two characters and their relationship so it was right that they created a brilliant ending for these two and a few moments will bring a tear to your eye. Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard deserves so much credit for the way they portrayed the characters and is going to go down as one of the best friendships in a TV show ever. The final episode was not that dramatic and did not quite finish on as high a note as I hoped but it still managed to show something different about House and showed us a side to him that we had very rarely seen in 176 episodes.
House and Wilson
I would give this season an 8 out of 10.

House season 5 review

(Warning Spoilers)

House season 5 is probably one of the stranger series because it has a good start and then a brilliant ending to it but unlike most seasons it suffers a little in the middle.

This is not to say I didn’t enjoy the whole thing but it seemed like a few of the episodes were just wasting time and instead of being a continued drama were just one off episodes, for example House takes methodone to fix the pain in his leg but by the end of the episode he decides against it so this seems to have just been an episode filler because after it everything goes back to normal and nobody even mentions it really.

Obviously at the end of season 4, Wilson’s girlfriend Amber dies and this has a massive effect on him which makes him realise his hatred for House and eventually leaves the hospital. This is a very good opening to the new series but it would have been terrible if Wilson had left for good as he is one of the better characters in the show and adds a lot to the plot. He is cleverly brought back into it because House’s father dies and he has to take him to the funeral, this is a good episode as it also tells us how they met for the first time and why they became friends. However, I was not a massive fan of this storyline because we only ever saw his father once and maybe if we had more contact with him then this episode could have been more emotional or at least let us understand a little more why House behaves the way he does.

Linking this to relationships, they frustrated me in the middle of this series with Foreman and Thirteen getting into one which seemed pointless as we see Thirteen does not want anything long term as she has Parkinson’s disease. Although, yet again it does add a few episodes with Foreman running the drug trials and eventually breaking the rules to let Thirteen have the real drug instead of the placebo which has terrible effects. The Cameron and Chase relationship ran on and they were talking about getting married and there were loads of little problems with that. However, the party house throws for Chase is pretty funny as Wilson tells him he is not coming to it but House has a plan to make him. When Wilson enters the party, House says I knew you would come and Wilson replies that’s because it’s my apartment which made me laugh.

Another character that made me laugh was Lucas a private investigator hired by House is in a number of episodes even his character seemed a little like they were trying to fill an empty space. To me this was ok though as I really enjoyed his character and it does look like he is going to begin a relationship with Cuddy towards the end of the series

The Cuddy storyline in this series is also ok as she really wants a baby and almost has one but she was eventually not given it however it allowed us to see a different side to her and her desperation to show her love. The interesting thing about this is House obviously wants some of that love because he hallucinates spending a whole night with her which shows his true feelings for her.

This was in the brilliant finally when House is beginning to go crazy as he is seeing the dead Amber and this is all believed to have been set off by the death of Kutner. Kutner had to be written out of the show because the actor Kal Penn had other commitments. House wouldn’t not let his death drop and was convinced it was not suicide. House thinks he can read everybody and this threw him off completely as he didn’t see it coming.

The finale is very sad as House sees Kutner one last time (a hallucination) and this makes him realise he has to go to rehab to sort out his problems. The last few episodes were fantastically done and with House going to rehab it changes things slightly and makes us ask a lot of questions. Will he change? Will he be as good a doctor? It is the darkest of any House season and that adds something to it as it was not really expected that much.